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Ticket by kentasticcakes | May 10, 2014 | Question
  • I just checked my Page Source for my site.  I saw this on the page:


    This site's SEO content, such as meta tags and headers, is not here.
    This is because search engines, like Google, actually crawl the site's homepage via
    Internal pages, like “Gear Shift Review”, also have their own special search engine versions, for example:
    If you're looking for this site's SEO content, that's where you can view it.
    Want more information about Ajax page crawling? Read Google's explanation here:


    What does this mean?  Is it good?  Bad?  

    Also, my site is currently rankng #12 on Google for my main keywords.  However, it is an internal page from my site that is still under construction and has no SEO attached to it yet.  Why does this happen?  At the end of the day it's fine, as I put a big sign with a link to my Home Page.  Just curious as to why it happens.

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  • Reply from dimitry | May 10, 2014


    Please note, we are using Ajax Crawling as a way for the search engines to read your websites code. With Ajax Crawling, your content, data and design are merged together and extracted far easier and quicker by search engines.

    Using Ajax Crawling however means that accessing your source code is a little different.
    If you access the source code the usual way (right clicking and view source), you will not see your websites content but rather a code, <meta name="fragment" content="!">, to tell search engines that we are using Ajax Crawling.

    If you wish to view your website source code, use the below examples of where to place '?_escaped_fragment_=' within your domain name in order to access the escaped fragment version of your website. Once you are viewing the escaped fragment version of your website, you may right click and select 'View Source Code' in order to access your websites source code.

    Example site -
    1. Home Page - place ?_escaped_fragment_= at the end of your URL

    Example site -!AboutUs/c2414
    2. Individual pages - ?_escaped_fragment_= in place of the #!

    We can assure you that your individual pages are seen by Google.

    For more information about Ajax Crawling click here.


    Also note that if your website is not appearing in search engine results when you perform a search using specific keywords, you may need to continue the process of Search Engine Optimization.


    To help you get the results you want, please read more in the SEO Learning Center for tips and advice.


    With the Wix SEO Monitoring Tool you will receive a step-by-step guide to improve your site's SEO.


    In addition, you can target the search phrases your customers are searching for, which will help your site achieve a higher page rank in relevant search results.


    Attaining a high ranking according to specific keyword phrases may take time and continuous work. Please check here for more information about keywords and keyword density.



    Dimitry - Wix Support