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    Site performance issues (eg. slow loading time) - 151523855

    Ticket by joesefto6 | August 15, 2014 | Known Bug
    • I'm having issues uploading any pages on my site and some of my customers are also having issues. Some sales are still coming through but I need to know why it won't load for me and whether my customers are being deterred by the issue. I don't want to be losing sales!!!

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    • Reply from Rony | August 16, 2014


      Thank you for contacting Wix support. Please note that I have checked your site and it loaded perfectly on my end!


      Moreover, I've run your site through a third party speed test and here are the results. Viewing the results, I can see that your site was fully loaded in 4 seconds and got a great score!


      Please note that the "first byte" is not exactly what's causing slow loading - it's rather a behind the scene process, which you shouldn't worry about if the site loading time is good.

      In general, please note the performance of your HTML5 site is affected by a number of factors, including the size of your website and amount of content on it, your internet connection speed and your browser version. Using the most updated browser version and ensuring that your internet connection is stable and running at a high speed will help ensure that you are viewing your site in optimal conditions.


      For best performance, it is recommended to follow these guidelines:


      1. Optimizing the images on your site will have a great affect on its performance and loading time. For tips on adding images to ensure they take up as little space as possible, please click here.


      2. Distribute your content on several pages. This will improve loading times and overall load.

      3. Fonts take up a lot of CPU power and loading time. Please try not to use more than 2 fonts on a single page. Fonts in plain, bold, italic, bold & italic are all considered to be different fonts! The best solution would be to use browser text and not simple text.


      If you need any further assistance please let us know.


      Thanks, Rony
    • Reply from joesefto6 | August 16, 2014

      Thanks. I've cleared the cache and the pages now load well but I'm now getting a WOS2015 error while trying to put a feeding bib into the cart, maybe you can still help?

    • Reply from Rony | August 16, 2014


      Sorry for the inconvenience. 

      Please note that this is a known error  and our QA department is currently working on resolving this issue with the highest priority. 

      If you are experiencing this error and you are able to reproduce it consistently, Please send us a message in this thread, as we would like to conduct a log-me-in session with you in order to understand what may be causing this error. 

      Please post in this thread and we will contact you with more details about the log-me-in session.



      Thanks for your patience and the understanding.

      Thanks, Rony