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    No images showing in Google Image results

    Ticket by MiamiVintageVespas | December 12, 2013 | Question
    • I have 3 Premium Wix sites:

      I have optimized the site AND all of my images for Google (image name, alt text, etc...) according to the guides here as well as Google.  The sites have been up for 3-6 months and I am using Google Analytics to track the traffic. 
      When I do a regular search via Google (for the optimized keywords), my results are fantastic - top of the page! 
      When I do an IMAGE search - NOT ONE IMAGE COMES UP. (If I Google image search the site ie. site:miamivintagevespas.com no search results are returned - so its not a ranking issue - they are not there)
      I know Google is successfully crawling the sites, and I see all of my traffic successfully in Google Analytics.  Regular web search puts me at the top of the page. 

      I have tried numerous solutions - changing all of the image names and alt text to "Michael Sponaugle" (which is fairly unique) and I get nothing when I image search "Michael Sponaugle"
      I have communicated with Google, and they are telling me it is because WIX is hosting the images and the source is http://static.wixstatic.com/media/1a434e_423c15abb6cb7984bb54e1f726e443b6.jpg_srz_p_533_400_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

      Is there a fix to this?  If not - I am going to have to leave WIX as this is very important to me.  It is not a TIME issue - the sites have been up for MONTHS.

      Please help! 

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    • Reply from Anat | December 13, 2013


      Thank you for contacting Wix support. 

      I sent the information to the relevant team and we will contact you after we investigate this issue,


      Thank you for your patience in this matter.

      Anat - Wix Team
    • Reply from Ben | December 17, 2013

      I can see that all of your premium Wix sites were published on or after 21/11/2013. As mentioned previously, please note that while your sites have been crawled and indexed by Google, having your images appear in Google Images search results is a separate process, and may take longer.


      Please note that images from miamivintagevespas.com are appearing in Google Images search results, while images from your other two sites have not yet been added to Google's database. While it may seem like your sites have been published long enough for the images to appear in Google Image search results, image indexation is a separate process from your site being crawled and indexed, and may take longer.


      That your images are located on our server does not negatively impact their ability to be crawled and indexed by Google.


      To speed up the process, you can submit a request directly to Google to crawl the page on which your images are located, here. Prior to doing so, please make sure that your images are properly optimized, in accordance with the guidelines listed below, and ensure that your site follows all of the listed guidelines. If your site content is not properly optimized, this could negatively impact the chances of your images attaining a good ranking in Google Images search results.




      For information about optimizing your standalone images for Google Images search click here.


      Please note that the text in the 'title' field of your Gallery Images will function as the alt text. Google will also take into account the image description.


      For more information about adding a title and description to your gallery images click here.

      Ben - Wix Support
    • Reply from MiamiVintageVespas | December 17, 2013

      Ben, that 11/21/13 date you refer to was my most recent premium renewal, not the day the sites went live, lol. Pay attention. The sites have been up for SEVERAL months. You can see my previous posts if you look for a proper solution by checking threads and see that my sites went live A LONG time ago. 

      According to GOOGLE's support team - the problem is the way you present the image source link.  Please look for a solution....

      As far as the time excuse, I tested some alt text on an image on a site that I host with GoDaddy... Showed up in google results in less than 72 hours...  I send constant requests for crawling on my wix sites and use google analytics and webmaster tools. It's on YOUR end....

    • Reply from Ben | December 17, 2013

      I apologize for the confusion, there was a brief interruption in premium status for two of your sites prior to their subsequent upgrade on 25/11/2013, however it should not have affected those sites in terms of SEO, as the interruption was brief. Your site 'michael-sponaugle-2' was upgraded initially on 21/11/2013, as mentioned, therefore it may take longer for your images to appear in Google Images search results, for that site.


      As mentioned, images from miamivintagevespas.com are appearing in Google Images search results. There is currently no issue on our side preventing images from Wix sites from being indexed. The link denotes the location of the image on our server, which does not prevent that image from being crawled and indexed.


      The image indexation process simply takes time. We cannot comment on the length of time it takes for other sites' images to appear in Google Images search results, but I can assure you that your site's images are able to be crawled and indexed by Google.

      Ben - Wix Support