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  • I NEED HELP!!!  I have my site up and running but i now see that this is not at all what i need because I am a blogger and the site doesn't allow my following to subscribe or comment.  

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  • Reply from gills2 | April 22, 2013



    Thanks for contacting us!


    We released our Newsletter Signup app in our HTML5 editor. You can find more information here


    You can also collect emails and create your own mailing list by using the Contact Form widget.
    Please follow the simple steps provided here.


    The Blogger API does not support comments and so they cannot be added to our app. For more information about the Blogger Feed app, click here.



    You can add a comment box to your site by using one of the apps from the Wix app market.


    You can now add the Pnyxe Comment App!
    For more information and instructions click here.

    You can also try to add a comment box via the HTML app.

    If you want to add Facebook comments, please click here.


    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with (:

    Gill, Wix Team