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    shared url shows up incorrectly on facebook

    Ticket by sashacrow | December 17, 2013 | Question
    • I initially played with setting up my site with a template I decided not to use, When I tried out the new template, I was asked to give it a name - and I called it "sashacrowdesigns2".  I decided to stick with the new template and changed its name to "sashacrowdesigns" and removed "sashacrowdesigns2" from my 'sites' as I recall. 

      Tonight a friend shared my page on fb and this is how it appeared in the share - def NOT ok:

      Mary xxxx shared a link.
      7 minutes ago via mobile · 


      And I tried to schedule a phone call but my number could "not be verified" -- huh? why?


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    • Reply from Rapido | December 17, 2013


      Please enter your editor, and proceed to "Settings" > "SEO (Google)", from here change the Site title.

      Your site title will be displayed in your browser bar while your site is loading. Once your site has loaded, the home page title will be displayed. If the site title is blank, then the original site name will be displayed.


      Please make sure to fill in your site and page meta data (title and description). If you do not want there to be any change in the browser bar when your site is loading, simply make the site title and home page title identical.

      For more information about meta tags click here.


      Please note that if you are a free user, the "| Wix.com" text in your title bar will remain.
      If you have a premium package that includes removing the Wix ads, the Wix.com text will also be removed.

      Please also note that changes will take about one month to appear in Google.
      For more information about SEO, click here.