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    Deceiving advetizing-no support available!!

    Ticket by goga06 | January 31, 2014 | Question
    • What happened to your:

      24 hours support/help?!

      free website and application help?

      VIP support?!

      Free domain?!

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    • Reply from dimitry | January 31, 2014


      We are doing everything in our power to provide the highest level of support and service.

      However in this case we do require additional information to assist you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

      Please be as specific as possible when answering the questions below.

      -May we ask for your time in sending us specific details as to the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing?
      -Please provide us with a detailed outline of the steps you have taken until this point, so we may replicate the process from our end in finding a solution.
      -Where do you see it on your site, i.e. what page?
      -What component in the editor is causing the problem (i.e. text box)?

      *Please include screen shots, if possible.

      Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

      Dimitry - Wix Support