How do I flush my DNS?


Your Operating System regularly caches the DNS lookup of a domain name, linking it to a particular IP. Once the IP changes (for instance, when you connect your domain to Wix), your Operating System looks up the cached information that it has instead of looking up the new DNS settings for that domain name.

Refreshing the browser, and clearing the browser’s cache is not sufficient to resolve the issue. Instead, please follow the steps to flush your system's DNS:


1. Click Start (the Windows icon) > click All Programs > click Accessories > open Command Prompt.
2. In the Command Prompt, type the following: ipconfig/flushdns


1. Click Go > click Utilities > open Terminal.
2. Type the following: 

For OS X Mountain Lion or Lion: dscacheutil -flushcache
For Mac OS X v10.6: dscacheutil -flushcache

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