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    Why does my Wix website look different in various browsers?


    Wix HTML5 websites are optimized to display properly for the most common browsers and devices used today. However, it's important to note that the various browsers and devices use different rendering engines, and therefore may display minor differences in your website.

    Sometimes these minor differences can have a domino effect- for example, a 1% difference in rendering of a font size, can cause a line with only 20 characters to appear 1/5th of a character wider. If your text box doesn't have any extra room for the text, this may cause the last word to wrap to the next line, which will make your text box longer and will 'push' the rest of the components under the page down (By the way, if you experience this issue, it's really easy to solve- you just need to make the text box a little bit wider in your editor to allow for extra space so that the text will still fit, even when it's rendered wider).

    The web standard is still evolving, and it's important to keep up with the newest technologies and standards. That's why Wix is at the forefront of HTML5 website development.
    We are doing our best to minimize the effects caused by the aforementioned factors, while continuing to provide you with the flexibility to create the most amazing website on the web.

    For the time being, however, there is a work around that should help to reduce some of the alignment issues you may be experiencing. By placing misaligned content within a ‘container’, you are securing several different items within a single shape. Items within a ‘container’ are locked into position and so will not appear to move on their own accord and/or knock other items out of alignment.

    Use a Box that is set to appear as transparent (by moving the opacity down to 0) as your ‘container’. Place all of the various components within this Box so that they are ‘attached’ to it. Once within their container, these items are essentially grouped together and will not fall out of alignment.

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