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    How can I optimize images for Google Images search?


    In order for search engines to be able to "read" your images, you will need to fill in the Alt Text. This can be done for both gallery images and stand-alone images.

    You should only fill in the Alt Text for images that add value or give information to your visitors. Decorative images which are not relevant to your site's content do not need this text.

    To add Alt Text to gallery images: Click the gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Organize Images > under Title, enter a title for your image.
    The title will be used as the Alt Text for your image. You can also give more information about your image under Description.

    To add Alt Text to a stand-alone image: Click the image to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Settings > under Alt Text, enter the Alt Text.

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