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    How can I view the Source Code of my HTML Wix site?


    Unlike for Flash sites, it is not possible to right click on your live HTML5 site and select to view the source code. Instead you will need to add ?_escaped_fragment_ to the end of your sites domain name. Eg. www.mydomain.com/?_escaped_fragment_.

    Once you are viewing the ?_escaped_fragment_ version of your site, you can right click to View Source Code, but this is only if you are interested in viewing the source code. Otherwise, you can simply view the ?_escaped_fragment_ version of your site which will show you how Google views your site.

    The following is a guide to help you manage the header tags for your HTML website:

    Title - H1 - (only the most top left is H1 - second (etc) title will be H2)

    Page Title- H2

    Heading XL - H3

    Heading L - H4

    Heading M - H5

    Heading S - H6

    The rest of the styles are mapped to paragraph tag.

    We can assure you that all of your Page Meta Tags are been crawled and recognized by search engines. A lot of time and thought has been put into the SEO side of this new product.

    For information on on changing the format of your Wix Font click here.

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