How can I verify my Wix site?


You can add header codes to the <head> section of your site for verification or authorship approval. Header code supported services include Google Webmaster tools, Google+Bing Webmaster Tools, Pinterest VerificationAlexa site owner claim, and more!

In order to proceed with Pinterest verification, you will first need to connect your own domain to your Wix site which is a premium feature.

Once you have received the header codes from the relevant service, you can add them in the Wix Editor as follows: From the left side of the Editor, click the Settings icon > click SEO (Google) > click Advanced SEO Settings > paste the code, and click Apply

*Make sure to publish your site and complete the verification process with the third party service.*

When adding multiple verification meta tags, all tags should be added at the same time. Simply add all of the tags consecutively, without separating them with spaces or commas. Please make sure each tag has open ('<') and close ('>') tags.

If you received an error message when applying your code, please submit a ticket below and we will assist you further.

For detailed information and guidelines on adding meta tags to the head section of your site, please click here, or watch the video below:

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