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    Can I use Schema.org to achieve better Rich Snippets in Google Search Results?

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    Schema.org creates a structured data markup schema that is supported by most major search engines. Adding a markup schema in accordance with schema.org can help search engines to better understand what your site is about and in turn, increases the chance of your site being displayed with rich snippets in search results. To learn more about schema.org, please click here

    While it is currently not possible to manually add a markup schema to your site's source code, some of the content on Wix sites, such as blog posts and eCommerce, is already marked up in accordance with schema.org.

    It is also important to remember that your site can still be indexed, and receive a high ranking, even without adding an additional markup schema. Using schema.org isn’t an all-or-nothing choice and, while we are working on enabling more markup capabilities, your site can still achieve a high ranking if you follow our instructions on building your site with SEO in mind.

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