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    Is it safe for my customers to purchase from my Wix Online Store?


    When a customer makes a purchase from your Wix Online Store, through PayPal or any of the other merchant accounts available, the only information added by the customer on the Wix site is the product and any product options. Once a customer clicks Checkout, the customer is directed away from the Wix site, to your merchant account page. Any personal or payment details that the customer has to enter are, therefore, not entered on the Wix site, but rather on the merchant account site which is secured by the merchant account.

    For more information about exactly how they encrypt and secure payment information, please contact the relevant merchant account.

    If you are using a third-party merchant account with our HTML iFrame/embed app, another third-party option, or otherwise need an SSL certificate for any other reason, please first make sure that the external product supports encryption as we do not currently have the ability to add an SSL certificate directly to our Wix sites.

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