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    How can I add Shipping Rules to my Wix Online Store?


    Shipping Rules can be calculated by Price Range or Weight Range. In addition, you can add a Handling Fee to all purchases.

    To add Shipping Rules: Click your Product Gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Manage Store > click the Shipping tab > under Shipping Fee Calculation Method, select Price Range or Weight Range.

    Click Add Shipping Rule > under Shipping Destination, enter the country that the rule applies to > under Price Range/Weight Range, enter the shipping rule for each price/weight range > click Add Range to add another price/weight range.

    Repeat this process to add Shipping Rules for different countries.

    To add a handling fee to all purchases: Under Handling Fee > enter the amount.

    Note: If you have set up shipping and tax options on your merchant account, you will need to remove these settings before using the Store Manager shipping and tax settings.

    For more information, watch the tutorial below.

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