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    Purchasing a Google Apps Mailbox from Wix


    You can purchase Google Apps Mailboxes directly from Wix!

    A Google Apps Mailbox includes a personalized email address, access to Google Calendar, 5GB of Google Drive storage and more! You may purchase several Mailboxes for each domain, for example, info@mydomain.com and support@mydomain.com.

    You can purchase mailboxes for domains bought from Wix, as well as domains that are hosted externally and connected to your Wix site via name servers or pointing. However, if your domain is connected to your site via pointing, you must add the records at your domain host (see here).

    To purchase your Google Apps mailbox from Wix:

    1. On Wix.com, from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions and click Mailboxes.

    2. Under Get a Personalized Email Address, select a domain from the drop-down menu.

    If you do not currently have any domains listed in the Domains section of your account, you will not see the drop-down menu mentioned in Step 2. To purchase a mailbox, you must first purchase a domain and add it to the Domains section. For more information about purchasing and setting up a domain, click here.

    3. Click Add Email.

    4. From the purchase page, select Yearly Plan or Monthly Plan and type the number of mailboxes to purchase next to I need *.

    5. Click Buy Now.
    6. From the payment page, fill in your billing details.

    7. Click Submit Purchase.

    You will have to set up your mailbox before you can use it. To set up your mailbox, click Set-Up Now and follow the set-up instructions here
    Please note that if you already have a Google Apps account for your domain name, you will not be able to purchase one from Wix. Google does not allow opening two Google Apps accounts for the same domain name.

    If you have already purchased a mailbox for one of your domains and would like to add additional mailboxes, click here and follow the instructions.