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    Creating a Multilingual Site From a Template or From Scratch


    Wix now offers multilingual templates! Click on one of the links below to start creating:





    The templates are set up with English as the primary language and Spanish or Portuguese as the secondary language, but you can change this manually.

    Please note that this is an advanced feature.

    To manually create a multilingual website, watch the video or follow the steps below:

    In the example below, we will create a multilingual Wix site for English and Spanish. On your own site, you can use as any language you like!

    Create your English Site

    1. Create your site in English first.

    2. If you are using a menu, click on it and delete it (In order to create a multilingual site you will have to use only buttons).

    3. Click Add, click Buttons & Menus and then click on the button of your choice.

    Note: You may add the buttons on a strip to get a menu feel: Add > Shapes & Boxes > Strip.

    4. Copy the button by clicking on the Copy Ctrl-C Button on the top menu.

    5. Paste it on your Home page. You will want to paste as many buttons as you have pages in your English pages.

    This means that if you have 4 pages making up your English site, you will need to add 4 buttons.

    6. Rename your buttons: Click on a button and click Settings. From Button Settings, edit the field under Button Text.

    7. Link your buttons: Click on a button and click Link to. Click Page and select the page of your choice.

    8. After the buttons are named and linked to all of your pages, select all buttons and copy them. Then, paste your buttons on each English page of your site.

    Make sure that the box next to Show on all pages from each of the button's settings is not checked.

    Translate Your Site to Spanish (or Any Other Language)

    1. From Pages, click on the Page Settings icon.

    2. From Settings and SEO, click Duplicate.

    3.Enter the page's name in Spanish and click OK.

    Repeat the steps above to add, rename and link your buttons on the Spanish Home page.

    4. Copy the new buttons after they are named and linked, and paste them on all of your Spanish pages.

    5. Translate all the content in your Spanish pages.

    Add the connect buttons to switch between languages

    1. Add images of the languages' flags or add the language names by adding text.

    Please make sure that you add this information outside the page border (in the header and/or footer).

    2. To add links to your text, double click the text box, highlight the text, and click the link icon on the floating tool bar.

    3. Click Page and link it to the relevant language's Home page.

    4. Repeat this for the other language's text box.

    Important note about drop down menus:
    It isn't possible to create a drop down menu from a menu you created with buttons. You can only create a drop down menu for your site only for one of the languages, by creating subpages, and then adding a drop down menu. You can follow the instructions here.
    If you create a drop down menu for one of your language's pages, make sure it is not set to Show on all pages. You will need to duplicate and add the menu to each relevant page.