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    How do I change the title of my Wix site that appears in the browser tab?


    Your site title will display in your browser bar while your site is loading. Once your site has loaded, the home page title will be displayed. If the site title is blank, then the original site name will be displayed.

    To change your site title: From the left side of the Editor, click the Settings icon > click SEO (Google) > under Site Title, enter the site title.
    Make sure to fill in your site and page Meta Tags (title and description) as well. If you do not want there to be any change in the browser bar when your site is loading, simply make the site title and home page title identical.

    Note: If you are a free user, the "| Wix.com" text in your title bar will remain. The premium plan includes removing the "| Wix.com" text.

    It can take up to one month for changes to appear in Google.

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