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    How can I create a landing page for my Wix site?


    We are excited to introduce your new landing page feature! 

    Collect leads, lower your site’s bounce rate or create a simple Coming Soon page with the new landing page feature. This feature will allow you to create a focused page, with minimal or no navigational options. The main aim of a landing page is to capture your visitor’s attention and, in most cases, to get them to perform a certain action, whether it’s clicking a button or entering their contact details.

    To add a landing page: From the left side of the Editor, click the Pages icon > click Add page > under Page Layouts, go down to Landing Pages and select one of the available options > under Name your page, enter a name for your page > click OK.

    By default your landing page has no header or footer. This also means that, by default, your landing page has no menu. Therefore, if you want your visitors to be able to navigate to the rest of your site, it’s important to link a button to your site’s main page.

    Note: A landing page is a hidden page, meaning that this page will not appear on your menu. To make this page accessible to your visitors, you can either set it as your homepage or send your visitors the page’s direct URL.

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