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    Uploading Images from an Android Device


    You can upload images to your Wix Image Gallery from Android devices using the Wix Pics App.

    Wix Pics App

    To upload an image to Wix from an Android device:

    1. Click here from your Android device and install the Wix Pics app.
    2. Open the application and login to your Wix account.

    3. From the bottom left of the main screen, select a folder to upload your image to.

    You can add a new folder to your Wix Pics app by pressing Add Folder.

    If you don't select a folder, your images will be added to an automatically created Mobile Uploads folder.

    4. Press the camera icon to take a new picture or press Upload an Image to select an image from your mobile gallery.

    5. From the Image Processor screen, Rotate your image or set the Saturation, Hue, Brightness and Contrast.

    6. When your image is ready, press Upload.

    Press an image to manage it: you can move an image to a different Wix Pics folder or delete it.
    To select many images at once press the images. You can then press Set Folder to move them to another folder or press Delete to mass delete the images.