Customizing Your Images


Customize your images by clicking on them and updating your settings from the Image Settings window. Quickly rotate your image to your liking by clicking on the image and rotating it to any angle you want. 

Customizing an Image

To customize an image:

1. Click an image. From the pop-up menu, click Settings.

2. From Image Settings, under Image Scaling, click the dropdown menu to select Crop, Center, Stretch, or Fit.

3. Click Edit Image to access the Photo Editor and edit your image.
4. Under Title, add the title of your image in the field.
5. Under Alt Text (Optional), add the alt text for your image in the provided field. Alt Text is what search engines will see when they scan your image.
6. Under When image is clicked, click the dropdown menu to select Do Nothing, Open Link, Open Expand Mode, or Zoom In.
7. Under Link to, click the field to add a link, and then choose your link type. 

8. Click Change Style to change your image's skin. 
9. Click outside of the image to close Image Settings.

Image Options

Image Scaling – change your Image Scaling to one of the following options:

Crop crop your image while maintaining its aspect ratio.
Center center your image within the frame while maintaining its aspect ratio.
Stretch stretch your image to the size of the image frame.
Fit fit your original image to the size of the image frame.

Style – add, remove or create your own frames for your images.
Alt text – add alternative text to your images.
Link – link your image to an external website, a page of your site, an email address or a document.

Rotating an Image

You can rotate images on your site.

To rotate an image:

1. Click the image to select it.
2. From the top right of the image, click and hold the rotate icon and drag it into place.

Click the red X to reset the angle.

You can also change the angle from the image's Settings panel.