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    How do I add a background to my Wix site pages?


    Choose from our many, eye-catching background options or upload your own!

    To set your page's background: From the left side of the Editor, click the Design icon > click Background > select a background from the options provided or click Customize Background.
    If you have chosen to upload your own background: From Customize Background, click Add Image > select an image from your media library or click Upload Images > click Change Background.

    From this window, you will also be able to set your Image Scaling, whether or not the background should scroll with the site and the background color.

    The background that you have chosen will be applied to the page that you are editing only. To apply this background to additional pages: At the bottom of the Customize Background window, click Apply to Other Pages > check the boxes next to the relevant pages > click OK.

    You can also access the Customize Background window directly by clicking within the Page section of your site and clicking Change Background from the pop-up window.

    To learn more about adding and customizing your pages' backgrounds, watch the video below: 

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