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    Can I transfer my existing domain to Wix so that Wix is my domain host?


    *This feature is not yet available to all users*

    You can currently only transfer domains with the following extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .co, .tv, .guru, .email, .expert, .photography, .london, .tokyo, .club, .xyz., .company, .solutions, .today, .technology, .tips.

    It is not possible to transfer domains registered with Network Solutions or Register.com to Wix, due to technical limitations of our system.

    Before transferring your domain to Wix, you will need to request an authorization code from your current domain registrar, verify that at least 60 days have passed since you registered or last transferred your domain and make sure that your domain is unlocked.

    Please also verify, via your domain host, that the email address used for the domain admin/registrant is your own email address, as a confirmation email is sent (from support@wix.com) to your domain admin and registrant email addresses as part of the domain transfer process. Make sure to click on the approval link in the email. Please allow 24 hours for the confirmation email to be sent.

    To transfer your domain to Wix: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains.
    Click Use a Domain You Already Own > enter your domain in the field > click Next > from the window that opens, enter the Authorization Code > click Continue > complete the steps in the domain name transfer screen.

    After a domain transfer is successful, your computer/browser might still be directed to the old site when you try to access the domain. This issue usually resolves itself after several days depending on the router/browser settings. In order to fix this immediately you should clear your browsers cache and flush the DNS.

    Note: Transferring your domain to Wix is not the same as connecting your domain to your Wix site. If you would like to keep your domain with your current domain host, but connect the domain to your Wix site, please click here to learn more.

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