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    How can I use a subdomain with my Wix site?


    A subdomain can be created to connect one domain to two different resources (either on the same server or on two different servers).

    The steps required to connect a subdomain differ depending on the method used to connect your domain to your Wix site and the destination of subdomain.

    1. For Wix domains or domains connected to Wix's name servers

    a. External subdomain site/resource: Contact the host of the external site/resource (e.g., WordPress) and ask them for the DNS record required to point to the external site/resource. Once you have obtained the necessary record (it may be either an A record or a CNAME record), add it to domains section of your Wix account.

    To add a DNS record: Sign in to your Wix account > from the menu at the top, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > next to the relevant domain, click Manage
    Under Domain Summary, select the Advanced tab > next to DNS Records, click Manage > add or edit your records according to your requirements.

    For more information on this method, click here.

    b. Wix subdomain site/resource: Add the subdomain in the domains section of your Wix account and select which site it should connect to.

    To add and connect a domain: Sign in to your Wix account > from the menu at the top, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > click Use a Domain You Already Own > click Connect your domain to Wix but keep your current registrar.
    Under Setup with Wix, fill in the subdomain > select the relevant site > select your registrar  > click Next.

    For more information on this method, click here.

    2. For domains connected to Wix via Pointing

    If your domain is connected to Wix via Pointing, it means that Wix is not in control of your domain records. As such, you will need to set up any subdomains by adding the following DNS records via your external domain host.

    For more information on this method, click here.

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