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    What happens if my domain name renewal payment fails?


    The default payment plan for Wix domain subscriptions is autorenewal. If your domain is on a yearly renewal cycle, the payment will be attempted two days before the anniversary of your original payment. If the initial payment attempt fails, your domain name will expire on the anniversary of your original payment and your Wix site will no longer be accessible through the domain name.

    Even though the domain name will have expired, the Wix domain subscription will remain active and our system will continue to attempt to collect payment. If payment is made successfully within the 30 day grace period, your domain name will be reactivated.


    If payment is not made within the 30 day grace period, your domain name will be cancelled and will enter a redemption period lasting approximately 35 days. The redemption period is designed to give domain owners one last chance to retain their domain name before it becomes publicly available, however the cost of retrieving a domain during the redemption period is high ($250).


    We strongly advise that users try to resolve payment issues before the domain enters the redemption period.


    If you are unsure why your payments have failed, please contact us and we will assist you.

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