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The Contact Form is fully customizable! You can customize your Contact Form's colors, fonts, fields and text! To change the language of your Contact Form, simply change the text accordingly.


To customize Colors and Fonts: Click your Contact Form to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Change Style > choose a preset style or click Personalize this Form > change your Contact Form's skin, colors, fonts and more > click OK.


To customize Fields and Text: Click your Contact Form to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Settings > under Customize Form Fields, edit the field names, the fields that should appear and the fields that should be mandatory > edit the button and error messages text.

Note: If a field is set as mandatory, your visitors will have to fill it in before they can submit the Contact Form.


Note: The Email field is mandatory and cannot be removed.

To find out more about the Contact Form, click here or watch the video tutorial below:

We also have several contact forms available in the Wix App Market! You can find them under the "Forms" tab. Click here for more information about adding apps to your site.


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  • ybarezer

    Replied by ybarezer January 27, 2013


    This is from 13 Mar 2012. Is it resolve yet?

    Can I edit on your other Apps provided:


    Contact form Plush

    I didn't suceed.

    Thank you,



  • Kika Wix Team

    Replied by Kika December 20, 2012

     Hi uzelberna !

    You can try 123 ContactForm from our Wix App Market.

  • uzelberna

    Replied by uzelberna December 19, 2012


    It would be great, if you can add a changable contact form which can be converted to any other language because it seems quite wierd after changing everything to other language and have a contact form in english. We will appreciate if you can do it in a short term.

    Thx for your interest in advanced


  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb December 15, 2012

    Hi Paulo,


    I'm not sure i fully understand what exactly are you trying to accomplish.

    Please elaborate on the matter.


    Gleb, Wix Support
  • paulopalha

    Replied by paulopalha December 15, 2012

    Hi Shauna,

    Is it possible to use an overlay contact form in wix html5?

    Many thanks!

  • Shauna

    Replied by Shauna December 10, 2012

    @paulopalha, Thank you for your detailed feedback! Also for voting on these features! 

  • paulopalha

    Replied by paulopalha December 9, 2012


    Thank you for your reply.

    The other contact forms available through the app market present us with the same problem: layout is not as beautiful and cannot be fully integrated with your design.

    As an example, please note that in all those solutions one cannot edit the design of the "SEND" button.

    If your contact form tool becomes more complete, this will make a big difference, not only to me but also to other users, I'm sure. For instance, I would like to relate a contact form to a certain page title so I know which product/service the client has become interested in. I'm currently trying to find a solution to overcome this challenge but have been unable to do so

    One last note: the multi-language website would also be an interesting feature (not the workaround).

    As a conclusion, I would say Wix is a fantastic website creator. It is easy to manage and the templates are beautiful. If you are able to invest a little more in these kind of features I've mentioned, I would say you have a really super product!

    My best,



  • idowixteam

    Replied by idowixteam December 7, 2012

    Hi  paulopalha,

    Thanks for your feedback and for your vote!:)

    Please note you can also check the contact forms on the app market.

    Wix Team

  • paulopalha

    Replied by paulopalha December 7, 2012

    Dear Wix Team,


    Wufoo Forms are not as beautiful as yours. It is much easier to use the Wix standard form as the integration is perfect.

    One more voice to bring your attention to this.

    Many thanks,


  • Nadav

    Replied by Nadav November 21, 2012


    Please note that we've recently added to new apps to the app market for customized apps!


    Contact form Plush


    Nadav - Wix Team

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