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wix Wix Team

Please make sure that you entered the correct domain and that you have typed it correctly. Please post below if this is not the case.

Note: If you are unable to find your site under My Sites, please make sure that you are signed in to the correct account. Often, users with more than one account might sign in to the wrong one and be unable to find their site.


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  • SherryImogen

    Replied by SherryImogen 7 hours ago

    My site vanished! I was just working on this morning and now it's vanished! Sewsmitten? Please help! What's happened to it? I dchecked and triple checked for it, I went back to history and followed the same links. Where did it go?

  • psigammachiomega

    Replied by psigammachiomega 15 hours ago

    My Wix site is also showing up with a screen that says this webpage is not available.  

    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar 11 hours ago



      Thank you for contacting us.


      Please note that I was able to access your Wix site correctly here.


      While browsing on the web, your computer and browser stores various information. This build up of information can sometimes cause conflict.

      Please clear your browser's cache. You can find step by step instructions here.

      Itamar, Wix team
  • cowcatcher

    Replied by cowcatcher 2 days ago

    I used the promotional tool Wix SHOUT OUT on Friday and people reported back all weekend that they loved the site. But I am using SAFARI and today can't see my site at all using the correct site address. What has changed? http://www.do-the-write-thing.com 

    • amitn6 Wix Team

      Replied by amitn6 2 days ago

      Hello cowcatcher,

      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      I was unable to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. I checked it via Chrome and Safari. 



      If the problem please persists please follow the instructions provided here.

      If the steps in the link didn't resolve your issues, please answer the questions in the same link.

      Feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance. 

      Kind regards, Amit
  • bchomycz

    Replied by bchomycz 2 days ago

    Hello my website is down and my emails do not work! bellavitaspa.ca, please help

    • Ira Bel Wix Team

      Replied by Ira Bel 2 days ago



      We are sorry for the inconvenience.

      It appears you chose the wrong connection method in the Wix Domain Manager.
      To correct this, please follow the instructions here.


      Please feel free to contact us in case you need further assistance.

  • slquesenberry

    Replied by slquesenberry 4 days ago

    ive gone to the home page to update my site and its telling me i dont have a site,what gives?


    • Tal Wix Team

      Replied by Tal 3 days ago

      Hi slquesenberry,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      The account you are currently using (slquesenberry@gmail.com) doesn't contain any sites.

      It seems like you, by mistake, own two Wix accounts, one with your site and an empty one. Please provide us with your site's URL so we'll be able to locate your Wix account.


      Thank you for your cooperation, we are waiting for your reply.

      Tal, Wix Team
    • slquesenberry

      Replied by slquesenberry 2 days ago

      i may have used another email? i only have 1 other..stephaniequesenberry@yahoo.com but i rarely use it.My site is www.fullcircleminiatures.net


    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or 2 days ago



      Your site is indeed associated with stephaniequesenberry@yahoo.com. Please log in to Wix using that email address in order to edit your site.


      Please let us know should you require further assistance.

      Kind regards, Or - Wix Support Team.
  • tradingroom

    Replied by tradingroom 5 days ago

    I was just working on my website (that is Premium and been working without a glitch - 100% online time) and after publishing (just one new page was added) is now gone.


    Now there is only a message that says: "

    It works!

    This is the default web page for this server.

    The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet."

    Things done so far: Cleared cache / cookies.  Accessed with 3 different Browsers (Firefox, Chrome and IE).  All the same.  Accessed from another Laptop that is connected to another ISP provider - all the same.

    Can you please help?  I looked up on the Internet and it says that this is related to the root on the server (which we can't access).  Thank you!  I would have used the phone option, but it is only possible to schedule a call for tomorrow and I have currently a marketing campaign running (offline).

    Please help.

    • Itamar S Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar S 5 days ago



      Your DNS configuration in your registrar (not Wix, but your actual domain host) is incorrect.
      To fix this, please follow the instructions here.


      We are here should you require any further assistance.

      Sincerely, Itamar - Wix Support
    • tradingroom

      Replied by tradingroom 5 days ago


      Thank you for the quick response!  I actually have that correct - never changed anything there. But what I did today (that is different) is that I updated the email, CNAME, MX, TXT records to be able to access email through Firebird (and not the web based email).  Could that have such an effect? It only configures the email server.  Could you see if something is wrong there in the Domain settings at Wix?  Thank you a lot.  Appreciate your hard work.


    • tradingroom

      Replied by tradingroom 5 days ago

      Ok.  I fixed it myself.  In order to have my email running (mail.DOMAIN.com) I copied the data from the registrar over to the records that Wix has associated with my domain name.  Doing so I overwrote the CNAME records.  I actually don't need to change them like the registrar said.  Put them back like before - changing them to the correct IP/Domain which should read: www61.wixdns.net - anything else under CNAME is INCORRECT!

      Hopefully email will still work after saving the website.  Let's see.  Leaving this here for future searchers with the same problem.

    • Ira Bel Wix Team

      Replied by Ira Bel 5 days ago



      We are not sure what exactly have you changed,  but we can see that your domain is connected properly to Wix, and the records are correct (including the mail records).


      Please contact us in case you face any troubles with your domain or e-mails.

  • danknight3

    Replied by danknight3 August 14, 2014

    My site is down. "This webpage is not available". Today was the first time I have publicly advertised my site, so people are actually trying to click on it, and it is DOWN! Please help! knightslab.org

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai August 14, 2014



      I was able to access your site.


      Could you please try to reach your site again and let us know if you still encounter this issue?


      Thank you and awaiting your reply.

      Shai - Wix Support
  • edwardlbeebe

    Replied by edwardlbeebe August 14, 2014

    My domain was working an hour ago. Now it doesn't appear on any browser. The only changes I made was added my first blog post. I didn't change the DNS, I change any page names, or edit the URL. Why is my site not working now? Wix is the worst. Please fix this and maybe I won't pull my site and move to another host. 

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai August 14, 2014



      I was able to access your site.


      Could you please try to reach your site again and let us know if you still encounter this issue?


      Thank you and awaiting your reply.

      Shai - Wix Support
  • danscottwills

    Replied by danscottwills August 14, 2014

    I see there are a lot of people with the same issue. www.betweentheroad.com Won't load in mobile or on firefox/chrome/safari. Any help would be appreciated. 

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai August 14, 2014



      Your domain is set to connect to Wix by DNS, but your domain's nameservers are not actually pointing at Wix.


      Please follow step 1 on this page.


      If you require additional assistance, please let us know.

      Shai - Wix Support
  • handmadelettercandle

    Replied by handmadelettercandle August 14, 2014

    Hi, my customer message me that they can not place an order by click on the items on my websites.  please take a look and fix the problems.  so they able to place an order! www.handmadelettercandle.co.uk  Thanks!

    • Nati Wix Team

      Replied by Nati August 14, 2014

      Hi handmadelettercandle,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.


      Please note that I have accessed your site in order to try and recreate the issue. According to my findings, I am able to follow through the check-out process without encountering any issues:


      In order to investigate the issue accordingly, please elaborate on the issue which your customers are experiencing when trying to place an order.


      If possible, please provide us with a screen shot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.


      To upload the screenshot, simply click on the "Upload" button and follow the steps.

      Awaiting your kind reply.

      Best Regards, Nati - Wix Support Team

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