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The following is a guide to help you manage the H1 for your HTML website:

Title - H1 - (only the most top left is H1 - second (etc) title will be H2)

Page Title- H2

Heading XL - H3

Heading L - H4

Heading M - H5

Heading S - H6

The rest of the styles are mapped to paragraph tag.

Here are some tips about H1 headers:

1. A proper HTML page allows only one H1 tag. If you place an H1 tag in your header or footer or if you marked it to be displayed on all pages, then you shouldn't add anymore H1 tags.

2. If you don't check the "show on all pages" option on your H1 text, you can add one line of text (in a paragraph or title) that has an H1 style.

3. The H1 text should be a single line. if you break lines, the H1 tag will be added only to the top line. If you would like the H1 tag to spread over more than one line simply click on shift+enter instead of only enter.

4. If any of your pages has more than one line of text with "title" style then Wix will mark the top left title as H1 and the rest will be H2.


If you would like to view your new HTML website exactly as Google and other search engines see it, you cannot simply right click on the live site and select to view the source code - this is how it worked for the Wix Flash websites, but not for the HTML5 sites.

To view the HTML website as Google does, simply add "?_escaped_fragment_" to the end of your websites domain name. Eg. www.mydomain.com/?_escaped_fragment_

Once you are viewing the ?_escaped_fragment_ version of your website, you can right click to View Source Code, but this is only if you are interested in viewing the source code. Otherwise, seeing the ?_escaped_fragment_ version of your website is a nice way to see how Google is viewing your website.

If you want to check that the correct h1 has been updated within the source code; go to the Page Source, click CTRL + F, and type in "H1" to search for the H1 headers on your site.

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  • Debbie Leight

    Replied by Debbie Leight January 22, 2013

    And to clarify, I went through and made sure that each heading was formatted as "Page Title". I created separate text boxes by going to "Add" and then "Title" and also ensured that my intended H1's were the largest on the page.

    I still don't see any "H1" markers when I do a Cntrl + F on the view page source (and yes, I'm adding the ?_escaped_fragment_=) before looking.



  • Debbie Leight

    Replied by Debbie Leight January 22, 2013

    Hi There, 

      I'm also having trouble setting the H1's. The site is www.becknermaintenance.com. Can you tell me what we're doing wrong? 



  • Shauna

    Replied by Shauna October 2, 2012

    @louise-on-tour, Your H1 tag is:

    " Professional pet sitting

    dog sitting, cat sitting

    go away GUILT-FREE!"


    This is the first Title Text on your page. This text is very general and your site is coming up on the 3rd page of Google with these keyword phrases. There are many other companies with the same tags. You may want to change your Image Logo on your homepage to have an H1 Text above or to the left of the image that has your companies name. This will tell Google to read your companies name first instead of the keyword phrases I showed you above. 


  • louise-on-tour

    Replied by louise-on-tour October 2, 2012

    Hi I cant get the H1 tags to work for my site either - www.brisbanehomeandpetservices.com.au

    I have followed the instructions and marked the part of the site as a title but it still does not seem to work.


    Can you please help

  • Alon - WIX team Wix Team

    Replied by Alon - WIX team August 15, 2012

    try to think of your website page as a newspaper paper page, the headline of the page (which is equivalent to the H1 in your website) the headline can't be a paragraph (that will miss the point of an H! tag)

    Please try to keep your titles as short as possible,


    Alon - Wix Team
  • Green Reaper NZ Ltd

    Replied by Green Reaper NZ Ltd August 14, 2012

    Why why adding a H1 title heading does the SEO monitoring tool only register the top line of the title and not the rest?


    For example if your title has 3 lines it will only register the very top line?


  • Kafka

    Replied by Kafka May 28, 2012

    I have checked your website and cannot see any Title text added to the Header of your website. Remember, content added to your website header, and set as a Title, will be generated into a h1 tag accordingly.


    Add the content you wish to be your H1 to the header area of your website - and there will be no problems with your h1.


  • themadbanana

    Replied by themadbanana May 24, 2012

    No matter what I try and do - I  cannot get h1 header on my site

    I have usedo ne of your designs which did not have 125 words on its home page -  can i rename it so that I get good rankings with google

    Need to verify site and am also struggling to do this

    please can you help me



  • Alon - WIX team Wix Team

    Replied by Alon - WIX team May 16, 2012

    which of your websites are you referring to?

    Alon - Wix Team
  • seeyourselfinfocus

    Replied by seeyourselfinfocus May 15, 2012

    I too have been following the instructions for adding an H1 tag and it is not working for me either.  when I run the seo wizard it is telling me I do not have an H1 tag, despite the fact that I have a large "title" on my home page.  I also do not find one when I view the source code as the wix team suggested above.  please help.

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