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Jo Wix Team

Yes! You can verify your site ownership with Google Webmaster Tools using header code meta tags. 


Follow the instructions below to verify your site with Google Webmaster tools: 


1. Click here, and follow steps 1 through 3 to copy the header code meta tag .

2. From the Wix Editor, click 'Settings' > 'SEO (Google)' > 'Advanced SEO Settings', paste the code, and click 'Apply'.


*After pasting the code, do not add any additional text.*


3. Navigate back to Google Webmaster tools, and click 'Verify' to complete the process.


Your Site is verified. 


We recommend  that you view the video below:


For more information about adding Header Code Meta Tags, click here,


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  • dulacstudio

    Replied by dulacstudio Yesterday

    having problem adding google webmaster code

    My Wix site does not allow me to save the following the Google Webmaster code snippet. Please could you add it? 

    <meta name="google-site-verification" content="dk2uBMDMKMfW6MgQerbQvl7jIz46WNa7IEw9GrnBJHA" />



    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti Yesterday


      I have added the code as per your request.

      Please let us know should you need further assistance.

      Best, Ritti
  • theorangepantry

    Replied by theorangepantry 2 days ago

    I have followed the best reply, I copied and pasted my code and then it won't let me click apply. I would appreciate help please.


    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar 2 days ago



      Thank you for contacting us.


      Please make sure that there aren't any unwanted spaces or extra lines after the code. 


      If after doing so the problem persists, please post here the code you are trying to add so we could look into the issue.

      Itamar, Wix team
    • theorangepantry

      Replied by theorangepantry 2 days ago

      Thank you for your reply. I applied the code, published the  site and google still won't verify my site??

    • Elia Wix Team

      Replied by Elia 2 days ago


      If you're having trouble using the Meta tag verification method, you can use the DNS method to verify your site using TXT records.

      An answer to this topic can be found in How can I add or update TXT Records in my Wix account?

      Elia - Wix Support
    • theorangepantry

      Replied by theorangepantry 2 days ago

      Hi I followed the text and it is still not verifying?



    • Elia Wix Team

      Replied by Elia Yesterday


      As you can see here: https://www.whatsmydns.net/#TXT/theorangepantry.com.au

      There has been no updates to your TXT records.

      Please provide us with a detailed description of the steps that you have taken so far so that we can replicate the process on our end and assist in finding a solution.


      *Please make sure to include a screen shot, if possible.

      Once we receive this information, we will be able to assist you. Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

      Elia - Wix Support
  • katyahe

    Replied by katyahe July 16, 2014

    Hello, Im using the Webmaster Tools from Google and I


    Im using the Webmaster Tools from Google and I don't know how to up load the HTML file to my website , I don't see any option and I have seen the video that you posted go to SEO settings advanced which it doesn't appear in my menu , can you please advice me how to do it ?


    Thank you 

  • nigeljameslewis

    Replied by nigeljameslewis July 12, 2014

    Hi I asked Google to verify my site via the webmaster tools and, once I had added my Wix site, it throws up a

    Internal Server Error
    Error 500

    So I can't get to the code required to add to the meta tag page on Wix??

    Any ideas? Many thanks. Nigel

    • Itamar S Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar S July 12, 2014



      Please follow the instructions in the Best Reply above to verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools.

      We are here should you require any further assistance.

  • andy899

    Replied by andy899 July 10, 2014

    verifying my site via google webmaster problem

    In google webmaster tools I click on the verify button (it says verify with wix in 3 easy steps), then a pop-up box asking "do I want to allow google access..." upon clicking allow I always get an error message 500, any ideas?

  • shayla42

    Replied by shayla42 July 5, 2014

    This best reply is not working for me. I've pasted it into the right area, hit apply, published the site. Hit VERIFY in Webmasters and it's unsuccessful. I'd appreciate help.

    • Leah Wix Team

      Replied by Leah July 5, 2014



      Please provide us with the verification code here or in the other thread (not both) so that we could attempt to add it for you.


      Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

      Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
    • shayla42

      Replied by shayla42 July 6, 2014

      Thanks very much.


      The code is:

      <meta name="google-site-verification" content="Y1xYFtGfjEYLdfgzekBc0ARDWWSiaGVj_SkAryg1m1g" />

    • Noa Wix Team

      Replied by Noa July 6, 2014



      I have inserted the code again.


      Please be sure to publish your site before you go back to google.


      Let us know if you encounter any more difficulties,

      Noa - Wix Team
  • doctorcrass9

    Replied by doctorcrass9 July 5, 2014

    this doesn't work!!!

    • Leah Wix Team

      Replied by Leah July 5, 2014

      I noticed that you have posted multiple questions on the forum.

      In order to receive a more accurate response and to avoid any confusion with overlapping material, please post your question only once.
      This will also speed up our response time to you since you will not have to repeat your issue multiple times and explain it to multiple representatives.
      Please refer to our response in this thread (add link to "thread").
      Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • johanlim79

    Replied by johanlim79 July 2, 2014

    Google would like permission to access your DNS settings in Wix.

    Dear Wix.com

    1. I try to subscribe my web through google webmaster tools; 

    Google would like permission to access your DNS settings in Wix.

    and i enter allow access, but always show internet server error - error 500


    2. have the other way to subscribe my web to google search engine ?



  • kthomson2

    Replied by kthomson2 June 15, 2014

    I get this error message "Your verification file returns a status of 404 (Not found) instead of 200 (OK)."  Very frustrating - have tried many things and seem unable to verify.   Do all Wix users have this issue - it seems so with all the messages provided.   

    • Ira Bel Wix Team

      Replied by Ira Bel June 15, 2014



      Could you please provide us with the code that you are trying to add?

    • kthomson2

      Replied by kthomson2 June 15, 2014

        (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

        ga('create', 'UA-45247526-1', 'hopelovepeacejoy.com');
        ga('send', 'pageview');


    • Elia Wix Team

      Replied by Elia June 15, 2014


      Please note that Wix does not support this type of adding Google Analytics to your site.

      An answer to this topic can be found in How can I use the Google Analytics ID with Wix?

      If you're trying to verify your site with Google, please use the meta tag method:

      An answer to this topic can be found in Can I verify my Wix site?

      Elia - Wix Support
  • jackiefjoyner

    Replied by jackiefjoyner June 15, 2014

    Verify Site

    I am so confused by this. I have tried everything I know how to do to verify my site. I'm not sure what I'm doing. It tells me I can't verify, I need to add codes. I tried to add the code they gave from webmaster tools, but it doesn't work. I just keep going around in circles. Can someone help me to verify my site?

    Is there someone there that can do it for me? 

    • Nati Wix Team

      Replied by Nati June 15, 2014

      Hey jackiefjoyner,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by this matter.


      Please refer to the 'Best Reply' at the top of this thread for full instructions on verifying your site on Google Webmaster Tools.

      Please let us know should you require any further assistance. 

      Best Regards, Nati - Wix Support Team
    • jackiefjoyner

      Replied by jackiefjoyner June 15, 2014

      I have tried all the instructions on this topic. I still cannot do it. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I follow the instructions and it still doesn't work. Can someone help me do it please?

    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or June 15, 2014



      We're here to help you. Please elaborate - at what step in the process are you having difficulties? Are you getting any specific error messages?

      All the best, Or - Wix support team.

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