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wix Wix Team

No, it is not possible to use Google Analytics with a free Wix site as Google Analytics requires that you have your own URL (like www.mydomain.com). As such, this service is only available to users who have upgraded their site to a premium plan that includes connecting a domain. To view our available plans and to upgrade your site, click here.

For more information about Google Analytics click here.

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  • tammymarx

    Replied by tammymarx June 30, 2014

    I set up a site with WIX, as it didn't say clearly anywhere that I COULDN'T get Google, in fact at the end before I 'published' the site it said add/ connect with SEO Facebook AND Google, which we did. It took about 4 attempts to even connect with facebook and then it just didn't show up on Google. So we called an advisor and my daughter took the call. The only advice we were given was to upgrade at the cost of £60 a year.   With the help of my 14 year old daughter, who spent about 30 hours of her time helping me set up the site, (because I am just a mum and really not up to this computer stuff!!!). She spent time and a lot of effort to promote my pony rescue! Now it seems I cannot get on a Google page, so I cannot advertise my pony rescue! This is an entirely self funded, non profit making enterprise and I really wanted to get it out to the world that I am rescuing miniature shetland ponies - I am not a big business. I just thought or rather naively hoped I could get my site out there and noticed! I am really sad and disheartened, that what I thought was free, won't be, either I have to pay a yearly charge, or go and set up an entirely new website, to promote an animal rescue. :(  If anyone can give me and my daughter any idea how to promote Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue and get it up on a google search page I would be REALLY grateful! x


    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar June 30, 2014

      Please note that without a premium plan and a domain you can't connect your site to Google Analytics. However, that doesn't mean that your site won't show up in Google search results.


      If your website is not appearing in search engine results when you perform a search using specific keywords, you may need to continue the process of Search Engine Optimization.


      To help you get the results you want, please read more in the SEO Learning Center for tips and advice.


      With the Wix SEO Monitoring Tool you will receive a step-by-step guide to improve your site's SEO.


      In addition, you can target the search phrases your customers are searching for, which will help your site achieve a higher page rank in relevant search results.


      Attaining a high ranking according to specific keyword phrases may take time and continuous work. Please check here for more information about keywords and keyword density.

      Itamar, Wix team
  • lastwordbodyauthorit

    Replied by lastwordbodyauthorit May 19, 2014

    "Please note that Google Analytics requires a domain (www.domain.com for example) in order to operate, and for this reason it can't be used in free accounts."  

    I know for a FACT that this is not true.  I am able to track my online store page views (with another company, that shall remain nameless).  I also have 2 other pages, including a blog and none of them have their own domain name, yet I am able to use google analytics with all of them.  

    Wix, it would be better if you were just honest with us instead of placing the blame on others.  I was seriously considering upgrading, but I have had to reconsider due to the fact that I have a difficult time giving my money to a company that has a difficult time being honest. 

    • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

      Replied by Dror - Wix Support May 19, 2014


      As you cannot track the Wix subdomains, because you're not verified as the domain owner of wix.com - it isn't possible to use GA with the Wix free subdomain. I'm sorry you feel we're trying to mislead you, that isn't our intention.

      Dror - Wix Team
    • lastwordbodyauthorit

      Replied by lastwordbodyauthorit May 19, 2014

      That's fine, and I understand that.  However, it is clearly a WIX issue, not an issue with GA, as the Wix Team keeps trying to convince us of.  I don't mind having to pay for certain features, but if you will look at the previous comments made by other members of your team, it is repeated several times that GA requires that we own our own domain name to function, and that is clearly not true.  As another customer has pointed out, other companies allow us to use this function by using a sub domain (and apparently, Wix did once upon a time as well).  If Wix now charges for this feature, then all you had to do was say so.  The majority of us are business owners, so we understand how business works (at least most of us should).  Being truthful up front and not pointing the finger somewhere else would have cleared up any confusion.  

  • klamhattenamin1

    Replied by klamhattenamin1 March 19, 2014

    ruggedshutter Contact me at cleterepairs@yahoo.com i have some info you might be interested in.

  • ruggedshutter

    Replied by ruggedshutter March 16, 2014

    I have been with Wix for about a year now and until recently you allowed Google Analytics to function on the free accounts.  Why the sudden shift without informing us?  I can go back in my GA history and show approximately when you cut off this service.

    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar March 16, 2014

      Please note that Google Analytics requires a domain (www.domain.com for example) in order to operate, and for this reason it can't be used in free accounts.

      Itamar, Wix team
    • ruggedshutter

      Replied by ruggedshutter March 16, 2014

      Not true.  I had been using Google Analytics for almost a year on my free Wix site.  It wasn't until January that you guys changed it to start charging.  

    • ruggedshutter

      Replied by ruggedshutter March 16, 2014

      I could just screen cap my analystics page to prove it if you want...

    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia March 16, 2014


      Google Analytics is a free feature (Google themselves may have premium plans without any connection to Wix), but requires a domain to work correctly.


      Best regards

      Ilia - Wix Support
    • ruggedshutter

      Replied by ruggedshutter March 16, 2014

      Wix used to have the option to put in your Google Analytics ID.  It was an option a year ago and you removed it so you could start charging for it.  Like I said, I can show you that GA tracked my Wix account for over 6 months until you stopped the access to it in January without any prior notice.  It was one of the reasons that I chose Wix over the other sites.  Now I am going to have to reconsider my options.

    • Yoav Wix Team

      Replied by Yoav March 16, 2014



      I apologize for the inconvenience, however in order to use Google Analytics with your site you must have administrator access to the root level of your domain, as adding the code to your site is not enough, in order to enable this service.


      Unfortunately, you can currently only use Google Analytics for sites connected with a domain, as DNS records must be added - and this cannot be done with your free Wix URL.


      Let us know if you need any additional help - we'll be happy to further assist!

  • zelaa713

    Replied by zelaa713 March 1, 2014

    Other's like Weebly give you stats for free...

    • Paola Wix Team

      Replied by Paola March 2, 2014



      Each company has its own pros and cons, the world too, each person and each market as well,  and at the end the user will choose what is best for him. We appreciate your desicion and opinion and whatever choice you make we will respect.


      Thanks for the input!

    • zelaa713

      Replied by zelaa713 March 5, 2014

      That's true. Wix is good in other ways. 

    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron March 5, 2014

      Let us know should you require further assistance.


      Ron, Wix Team
  • livebeautifulco

    Replied by livebeautifulco June 10, 2013

    How come Weebly allows for site tracking in Google Analytics with their free domains, but wix does not? 

    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal June 10, 2013

      Hi livebeautifulco,


      Wix has a different business plan than Weebly as they are different businesses. 


      Thank you

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • ivote5

    Replied by ivote5 June 4, 2013

    obviously you are not that serious then,
    if you are serious about this kind of stuff you gotta pay a few dollars.
    Google does not allow people to use analytics unless they have a REGISTERED DOMAIN.

  • alexthompsonincion

    Replied by alexthompsonincion May 2, 2013

    Nice information. It will help for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anat Wix Team

    Replied by Anat February 19, 2013

    Hi ymechti,


    As mentioned above, using Google Analytics requires you to have your own URL. Therefore we can only offer this service to users who have upgraded their Wix to Premium with upgrade plans that include using their own domain.



    If you need any further assistance please let us know.


    Anat - Wix Team
  • ymechti

    Replied by ymechti February 19, 2013

    It works on Webs with a free account so why not on Wix?

    it is a bit unfair

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