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To upgrade your site: Sign in to your Wix account > click My Sites > next to the relevant site, click Upgrade.


You can find more information about how to upgrade and managing your premium account here, or watch the video tutorial below:




Note: Upgrading your site entitles you to connect your domain, among other premium benefits, which differ from plan to plan.

Upgrading a site does not include upgrading Apps from the Wix App Market. Each App was developed by a different third party company and has its own terms of use.

Wix gives you the opportunity to add Apps to your site, both free and premium. You can choose to use the free version, or to use the additional features included in the upgraded version.
The Apps available in the Wix App Market have many different features, and not all of them require an upgrade. For more information about the Wix App Market, please click here.

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  • dpoole

    Replied by dpoole November 5, 2012

    I do that daily, but cleared it again. Can someone just email the process to upgrade to premium?

  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron November 5, 2012

    We apologize for the inconvenience.


    While browsing on the web, your computer and browser stores various information. This build up of information can sometimes cause conflict.

    Please clear your browser's cache. You can find step by step instructions here.


    Let us know how it went and if you require further assistance.


    Ron, Wix Team
  • dpoole

    Replied by dpoole November 5, 2012


    I am trying to get information to about upgrading to a premium account. However the area that I would assume would have all the different packages listed is nothing but a gray box. Can someone possibly help me with this?


  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron October 30, 2012

    Unfortunately, you cannot simply pay the difference.

    However, there is a simple solution for this, all you need to do is to cancel your upgrade and you will receive a full refund (the refund is only valid if you cancel your upgrade within the first 14 days of upgrading).


    Now all you need to do is purchase the package that suits you best.


    Let us know how it went and if you require further assistance.


    Ron, Wix Team
  • flemoyne

    Replied by flemoyne October 30, 2012

    Hi i just bought a premium package ( connect to domain , but i wanted to choose combo, how can I change witouht having to pay the full price to change , can I just pay the difference ???

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb October 3, 2012

    Hi @aidamiller,


    If you upgrade your site from Unlimited to eCommerce, you will only be charged for the difference.

    To upgrade your document to a different package:

    1. Sign into Wix.com.
    2. Click My Account.
    3. From My Account, next to your document click Upgrade.
    4. From the upgrade page that opens, choose a package and mark it, then click Buy Now.
    5. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.


    Gleb, Wix Support
  • aidamiller

    Replied by aidamiller October 3, 2012

    I have a Premium account but wanted to get the ecommerce account instead. How do I do this?

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb September 14, 2012

    Hi @tjelova3,


    With the purchase of a Yearly package you will receive a coupon for 1 year free domain.

    If you upgrade to a Monthly plan, you will not be eligible to a 1 year free domain.


    After the first free year you will have to renew your domain and purchase it.


    Gleb, Wix Support
  • tjel3

    Replied by tjel3 September 14, 2012

    i want to upgrade and am confused. Can I upgrade monthly and still receive free domaine or its only yearly, cuz the way it is advertised on your page is free domaine under yearly packages. I would like to do monthly so I try this site out...please confirm if i get a free domaine. Also what happens after a free year domaine...where do i purchase the domain. Is it best to just get a domaine somewhere else?

  • Danna Wix Team

    Replied by Danna September 4, 2012

    The site will redirect automatically. No further steps needed!


    Feel free to contact us by the phone or post here anytime!


    Danna- Wix Team

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