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wix Wix Team

To upgrade your site: Sign in to your Wix account > click My Sites > next to the relevant site, click Upgrade.


You can find more information about how to upgrade and managing your premium account here, or watch the video tutorial below:




Note: Upgrading your site entitles you to connect your domain, among other premium benefits, which differ from plan to plan.

Upgrading a site does not include upgrading Apps from the Wix App Market. Each App was developed by a different third party company and has its own terms of use.

Wix gives you the opportunity to add Apps to your site, both free and premium. You can choose to use the free version, or to use the additional features included in the upgraded version.
The Apps available in the Wix App Market have many different features, and not all of them require an upgrade. For more information about the Wix App Market, please click here.

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  • rojarobin

    Replied by rojarobin January 19, 2013

    I am having a hard time updating my billing information... Help please??? 

  • Uma - Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Uma - Wix Team January 16, 2013

    @  cherylguerrero,

    Please note Unlimited and eCommerce are both Premium package. Since you have upgraded from Unlimited to eCommerce package you will only pay the difference in price between the packages. You can see all the details on your invoices in your Manage Premium > manage by Package > View by Invoices.

  • cherylguerrero

    Replied by cherylguerrero January 16, 2013

    I am trying to upgrade from my unlimited plan package to a premium. I didn't realize that I needed a premium in order to use my own domain.

    How do I upgrade without having to pay another year long membership and can I just pay the difference from what I paid with the unlimited plan to what the premium fee is?


  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron January 15, 2013



    The email address you've contacted us from is assigned to an account which has recently been upgraded.


    To connect your site to a domain please visit our Domain Portal or view the video below. The connection may take up to 72 hours to take effect.

    Check out this video for instructions:


    Wix does not offer Email services and doesn't host Email accounts.
    You can use any Email host you like. For general information please click here.
    You’ll find clear instructions on how to connect to email via Gmail, GoDaddy and Windows Live Mail here:
    Connect to email via Google Apps
    Connect to email via GoDaddy
    Connect to email via Windows Live Mail

    Note: Google Apps for business have their own affiliated costs, and connecting these services to your domain is not a free service.
    Check out the Google Apps Standard Edition for more information on how to get up to 10 free emails for your organization.

    If you are having problems with your current Email, please ask your Email host for the MX records. You can find step by step instructions here .


    Let us know how it went and if you require further assistance.


    Ron, Wix Team
  • redlipsexy

    Replied by redlipsexy January 15, 2013

    i UPGRADED my account and no my bank statement it shows you took the money but my account is still showing the same as a free account. I want my Domain name and email to be set up but I cant seem to do it..... Whats going on???

  • dinamiso Wix Team

    Replied by dinamiso January 12, 2013

    Hi britpiglet,

    I checked your account under the username: britpiglet , and I saw there is no created documents within this account.

    Please note: In order to upgrade your you will need to save a document within your Wix account.

    Please go to create section and choose a template, save this template.

    Once you save a template in your Wix account go to ' My Account ' tab and click on the purple button -> ' Upgrade ' next to the site you saved.

    Please note: You will be able to easily transfer this premium upgrade to a different document within your Wix account.

    Thank you,


  • britpiglet

    Replied by britpiglet January 11, 2013

    Hi, I tried all ways to upgrade but without success! When I press the 'upgrade' or 'buy' button, all I get is this page with the headline 'Power up your Wix' and with a grey area in the middle and FAQs at the bottom.
  • Irene

    Replied by Irene January 7, 2013

    Hi resaleforall


    maybe you are trying to update your site that already has Premium? I see the document  resaleforall has already an eCommerce monthly plan. So you can only upgrade to a yearly plan. The document  resale4all is still free, you can upgrade it to a monthly plan.


    Best regards

    Irene - Wix Team
  • resaleforall

    Replied by resaleforall January 7, 2013

    I'm trying to update to premium so I can put the shopify app on my store but the upgrade page will only let me choose premium yearly and I want premium monthly. HELP!!

  • dinamiso Wix Team

    Replied by dinamiso January 4, 2013


    You can upgrade your Premium document to a higher-priced package at anytime. You will only be charged for the difference.

    To upgrade your document to a different package:

    1. Sign into Wix.com.
    2. Click My Account.
    3. From My Account, next to your document click Upgrade.
    4. From the upgrade page that opens, choose a package and mark it, then click Buy Now.
    5. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

    Your document has been upgraded to a different package.


    Thank you,


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