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  • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

    Replied by Dror - Wix Support May 24, 2013



    Google will find you according to the keywords that you choose to compete on. Think about it as a marathon, where the more SEO "essets" you collect on the way, and the less your competetors (sites that are already ranked on the keywords that you're looking for) the better your overall ranking. 


    While thinking about the right keywords is an art of itself (you can google "Keyword research" if you wish, to get an idea regarding how wide this subject is), the SEO wizard allows you to collect small essets easily.


    I've taken the liberty of checking your site on my end, for keywords estero, tattoos:


    Fallen Angel Tattoo Studio Fort Myers shows neither, however - it does show different keywords. First decide which keywords are your main keywords (I'd recommend avoiding "tattoos", as it is too broad, instead think long-tail keywords, such as "estero tattos studio") - then, make sure according to the instructions, that these words show up on your meta settings and headers - title, description, h1 and domain will probablly be the most important ones.



    Let us know if there's something more specific. 


    Dror - Wix Team
  • johnrizzolofallenang

    Replied by johnrizzolofallenang May 24, 2013

    I can't seem to get the seo wizard to read all great. I get to where some say fix. When I fix the the ones that said great say fix. It's one big circle. Also I'm in a town called estero it's between Naples and ft Myers. When people google us we don't show up in the Naples or ft Myers but the other shops do. We only show up when people google shops in estero.

  • Michal

    Replied by Michal May 24, 2013



    Please elaborate on the issue you are facing -- what exactly are you trying to change?


    I checked your site SEO-wise, and I see you've filled in your SEO details (site title, description and keywords) and that you have a proper H1 tag though now H2 tag at the moment. You can learn more about using headings here.



    Michal - Wix Team

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