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  • hrconnectionmn

    Member Login/Log out

    By hrconnectionmn January 28, 2013

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    I recently built a site with a 'Members' section for users to log into. However, we have been receiving several complaints that there is no log out option when they leave their computer. Is there a way to add a log out option on the members area of the website?

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  • edisonchen86

    Replied by edisonchen86 July 21, 2013

    Dear Chapaey,


    I have the same problem too. Apparently I did that a lot of times  but there isn't any logout button/link replacing over my login button. It stays as it is. (There is no Welcome, username/member and logout indicator too) If you know what I mean.

    Please advise accordingly, thanks.



    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron July 21, 2013



      In the future, please refrain from posting the same questions on multiple threads as this can only delay our assistance.


      We have answered your questions in the first thread you've posted in.



      Ron, Wix Team
  • copelandecigs

    Replied by copelandecigs July 15, 2013

    Wow, you totally avoided the question that was asked and asked something that wasn't.   Creating a member login button is easy.  But how do members log back out of a wix created website once they are logged in?   This poses some serious security risks to people who may have logged into their account on a wix created website from a public computer.

    • Chapaev

      Replied by Chapaev July 15, 2013


      Once you logged in via member login button it will be changed to log out button. So users just need to press log out button before they finish work on unsafe computer.

      Good luck!

  • Shauna

    Replied by Shauna January 29, 2013

    @hrconnectionmn, You will want to add the Member Login button to your Site so your users can log out of this section whenever you would like.


    To add a member login button to your site:


    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the market icon to open Wix App Market.
    2. From Wix App Market, click Member Login.
    3. From Member Login, click Add to site.
    4. Drag the Member Login Button into place.
    5. From the bottom of Member Login Button settings, click Show on all pages.


    A member login button is added to all of the pages of your site.


    To set which of your pages are members-only and for more information about members-only pages, click here.

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