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  • mazlume8

    admin webmaster login

    By mazlume8 October 10, 2013

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    My webmaster login button does not work. When I click on it, a dialog box ask to me enter the password, however, the wix editor does not open. 

    Another question is; how can change the label of webmaster login and labels of forms?

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  • kweber

    Replied by kweber July 30, 2014

    Thank you! This worked, I appreciate the prompt reply.

    • Yann Wix Team

      Replied by Yann July 31, 2014

      Hi kweber,


      Thanks for letting us know,

      Have a nice day,


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  • kweber

    Replied by kweber July 30, 2014

    Thank you, I found it. How do I add this to my footer? When I click add it wont let me drag it to my footer. I want it placed right below "2014 Copper Queen Community Hospital" at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal July 30, 2014



      Before dragging the button to your footer you will need to make it show on all pages. To set an element to show on all pages: Click the element > click Show On All Pages from the pop-up menu.


      For further information, please check out the video below:

      If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know!

      Thank you,

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • kweber

    Replied by kweber July 30, 2014

    Can someone tell me where the webmaster login button is? It's not on my add drop down menu and used to be on my site but now it's gone and I would like to re add it.




    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal July 30, 2014

      Hi Kat, 


      Thank you for contacting us. To add an Admin/Webmaster Login: From the left side of the Editor, click the Add icon > click Apps > click Admin/Webmaster Login.


      Note: If you have a pop-up blocker in your browser, it may interfere with opening the Editor using the Admin/Webmaster Login button. To override the pop-up blocker, hold down the Ctrl key when logging in through this button.


      For more information, click here or check out the video below:

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!
      Thank you,

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • samharrison6

    Replied by samharrison6 May 12, 2014

    HI, I'm having the same problem. I have a premium account and have just published my second website. I have a brand new mac book pro using Safari as my web browser, so this shouldn't be a problem... any suggestions? 

    • Rony Wix Team

      Replied by Rony May 12, 2014


      I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties.


      Please clear your browser's cache. You can find step by step instructions here.
      In addition, please try to edit and view your site using different browser and see if there is a difference. (What browsers are compatible with Wix?)


      Please let us know how it went. Should you require further assistance, we are here for you.

      Thanks, Rony
  • justingroos

    Replied by justingroos May 1, 2014

    Easy answer to this issue... allow pop-ups, make sure you click always allow pop-ups from this address and then try log in again from webmaster login. (you will have like a little white box in the top right of your screen with a "x" or something through it, click that and allow them)

    • CarleyS Wix Team

      Replied by CarleyS May 1, 2014

      Thanks justingroos,


      That's correct. You can also hold down the Ctrl key to override the pop-up blocker.


      Have a great day.

      - Regards, Carley
  • Uma - Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Uma - Wix Team October 10, 2013


    Unfortunately I could not recreate your issue with webmaster login. 

    Please try clearing your cache and try again. You can also try using other browsers.

    If the issue persists please let us know.


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