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To use the online store, you will first have to upgrade your site to the eCommerce package.
For more information about upgrading, click here.  

If you have already upgraded and your store still doesn't work, please elaborate in this thread.

For instructions about the Wix Online Store click here.

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  • missyjo85

    Replied by missyjo85 November 10, 2012



    t does not work for me at all or someone else I have asked to look it just takes me to the home page :-(

  • mistybl0

    Replied by mistybl0 November 10, 2012

    URGENT HELP needed. i'm having problem with checkout button. there's no LINK TO at settings. can't link to my paypal account!!!!!!! help pls... www.mymistyblu.com 


  • IdoWix

    Replied by IdoWix November 10, 2012

    Everything seems to be fine when I try it. I added a product to the cart, clicked the View Cart button - which took me to the shopping cart page. I then clicked the checkout button and was sent to the Google Wallet checkout page.


    Note that you must have at least one product in your cart in order to check out. Could that be the cause of the problem you are seeing?

  • missyjo85

    Replied by missyjo85 November 10, 2012

    its the couturecoco one that dosent seem to work.

    When you click view cart and it takes you to that page and i click the checkout button from there nothing is happening at all

  • IdoWix

    Replied by IdoWix November 10, 2012

    @missyjo85, which one of your websites is having this problem?


    couturecoco.co.uk works fine for me. I'm getting to Google Checkout and it looks fine.

  • missyjo85

    Replied by missyjo85 November 10, 2012

    i am on the ecommerce package already but the checkout does not wotk

  • missyjo85

    Replied by missyjo85 November 10, 2012

    I have the store set up, prodcts added, google checkout details added but when you click on the checkout button it just goes back to my homepage? any suggestions?

  • IdoWix

    Replied by IdoWix November 1, 2012



    To get everything working again you would need to re-pulish your site. Please note that when you publish the site - every change you have made since the last publish becomes visible to your visitors. I hope that won't be a problem.


    Once re-published, you will be able to add additional galleries and control their settings.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • IdoWix

    Replied by IdoWix November 1, 2012

    @danar3, this is most likely a problem on our end. We are looking into it and will update soon.

  • roclandestate

    Replied by roclandestate October 31, 2012

    Hi, at the moment we are working on our website and as of monday I cannot make any changes to my online store.

    I need to change the number of rows and columns but it no longer comes up with this option and I cannot add any items from the add menu>online store area.

    EG: I have a new page for which I would like to add a product gallery but when i go to add>online store>product gallery a white line appears up the top of the page and then nothing happens?


    Is this due to something I have done wrong in creating my site?



    Rocland Estate

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