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wix Wix Team

You can manage your orders from the Orders tab of the Wix Store Manager. This tab shows you a list of all of your orders.


To access the Orders tab: Click your Product Gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Manage Store > select the Orders tab.


Note: You can also see your latest orders from your site's dashboard without having to open the Editor!


You can find more information about the Orders tab of the Wix Online Store here.

Note: It is not currently possible to receive email notifications when an order is placed in your Online Store, but this is certainly a feature that we are working on. You can vote for this feature in this thread.

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  • kimdemelo

    Replied by kimdemelo July 21, 2014

    I had a problem with my merchant so I went to paypals. my friend bought something I got an email from paypal but it is not telling me on the wix site?? I have looked under orders, nothing.. please help..

    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson July 21, 2014


      For the orders to show in the orders tab, they need to be shown as completed in PayPal,


      To see the status of the order please login to your PayPal account > history > have a look at the status of the order > then if it is showing as completed > click on details and then send us a screen shot of the details page.

      If the status is showing anything else other than completed, please check the meaning directly with PayPal.

  • jennifersbackdrops

    Replied by jennifersbackdrops July 18, 2014

    When I click on the order page to get the customers information it does not include the customers State in their shipping address. I really need this information. It is a pain in the butt to have to go to paypal to get the full mailing address...... anyone else have this problem??? how do i fix it?

    Can I view my orders from my mobile device??? I spend alot of time away from home and rely a lot on my mobile devices for my business, i was previously using facebook. However if I cant see and fulfill my orders while I am away, I cant continue with this service. You need to get some of these updates done quickly. Also kind of rediculous that you cant send an email notification when a sale is made.

    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat July 19, 2014

      Hi jennifersbackdrops,

      Thank you for contacting Wix support!


      Unfortunately there is no dedicated field for state in the orders tab. We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

      Feel free to add your feature request to our Wish List by posting here.


      The orders tab is accessible only via the editor, and as mobile devices do not support the Wix editor unfortunately it is not possible to check orders via mobile devices yet.

      To read about our feature updates, please click here.


      If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us again. 
      Gat Wix Team.
  • carolinehayes81

    Replied by carolinehayes81 July 14, 2014

    I notice it says it's not possible to cancel an online order...how do you manage refunds/exchanges then? My partner made a "test" purchase but I don't want to complete it - it needs to be removed...can you advise how I do so?

    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y July 14, 2014

      You can arrange all refunds and payment via your payment service provider, PayPal.

      Currently it is impossible to manage that via the Wix Online Store.



      We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.

      Feel free to add your feature request to our eCommerce Wishlist by posting here.

      All the best, Or
  • lanksstudi7

    Replied by lanksstudi7 July 11, 2014

    how to see order with opening editor

    How do i see the products that have been ordered by customers on my website without open the website editor?

    • Yotam Wix Team

      Replied by Yotam July 12, 2014

      Hi lanksstudi7,

      Thank you for contacting Wix support.


      I've merged your post with this thread regarding the issue.

      You can also see your latest orders from your site's dashboard without having to open the Editor.

      Please read the above 'Best Reply'.



      Yotam Wix Team
  • tweetychong83

    Replied by tweetychong83 June 27, 2014

    How can I view the order placed using my smartphone devices?

    I received the email notification about an order place. When I click into the link provided in the email (which  stated where i could view the order), it brings me to wix.com sign up page. I am already a member and there is no option for me to log in in that page.

    It works fine with laptop or desktop computer but its getting tough to work with mobile devices. Please help

    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or June 27, 2014



      Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems. When you try to log in via your smartphone, are you encountering a certain error? What exactly goes wrong in the process?

      Also, what device and browser are you using?

      Kind regards, Or - Wix Support Team.
  • brandon6251

    Replied by brandon6251 June 6, 2014

    Hey I wanted to know when setting up an online store through wix will my customers purchases including their shipping information and everything go through my paypal?

    • brandon6251

      Replied by brandon6251 June 6, 2014

      I want to not have to login all the time to check on order and just be able to recieve them through paypal and ship them out. Is this possible? and what is sent to paypal after and order is made to my paypal?

    • Alon - WIX team Wix Team

      Replied by Alon - WIX team June 8, 2014

      you don't need to login in order to make sure that the order went through. users need to add their shipping address as part of the purchase process

      Alon - Wix Team
  • branttucker

    Replied by branttucker June 5, 2014

    Am I able to send a mass email to all of my past customers? Do I get an easily accessible email list of all my customers? I look forward to your reply. Thanks. 

    • Alina Wix Team

      Replied by Alina June 5, 2014


      My contacts
       gives you easy access to the people you want to reach. 
      You can efficiently manage your site users to build professional relationships with this option. Visitors to your site who purchase items from your Online Store will be added to the Customers label, visitors to your site who try to sign up for your site as members will be added to the Site Members label and visitors to your site who have sent you information over a contact form will be added to Contacted Me.

      To use this option simply go to My Sites -> click on Manage Site next to your site -> click on My Contacts.


      We have some great apps that you can use to create a mailing list!

      Check out Wix's new Business App, ShoutOut. ShoutOut allows you to create beautiful marketing messages to send to your contacts.


      You can also try one of the following apps from the Wix App Market: TargetHeroVIPlusCakeMailMPZMailMailchimp,Constant Contact or POWr Mailing List.


      Click here for general instructions about how to add an app from the Wix App Market.


      For more information about how to manage your contacts, click here.

      Alina, Wix Support Team
    • branttucker

      Replied by branttucker June 5, 2014

      How do I make allow my visitors to become site members?

    • Alina Wix Team

      Replied by Alina June 5, 2014


      Add a Member Login button to your site to allow visitors to sign up or log in to access your members-only pages.

      To add a Member Login button: From the left side of the Editor, click the Add icon > click Apps > click Member Login Button > Drag the Member Login Button into place.


      If you want the Member Login button to appear on all of your site's pages, click the Member Login button > click Show on all pages.


      To set which of your pages are members-only and for more information about members-only pages, click here.


      Alina, Wix Support Team
  • carlislegrill

    Replied by carlislegrill June 4, 2014

    i own a fast food takeaway, is it possible to have the orders cart live, so i can see them as they are placed or not?

    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron June 5, 2014



      When a buyer purchases one of your products via your online store, you will see this immediately in your orders tab. You can find additional information in at the top of this thread.


      Let us know should you require further assistance.


      Ron, Wix Team
  • aa18in2009

    Replied by aa18in2009 May 31, 2014

    if someone buys something will it be removed automatically?

    • Itamar Wix Team

      Replied by Itamar May 31, 2014

      Please note that if you choose to manage inventory, whenever a customer purchases a product it will reflect in the number of items in stock. Click here to read more on the option.

      Itamar, Wix team
    • aa18in2009

      Replied by aa18in2009 June 1, 2014

      i misspelled my website address.how do i correct it?

    • Barrios Wix Team

      Replied by Barrios June 1, 2014



      Unfortunately, once you have purchased a domain, you will not be able to edit, cancel or delete it.

      For more information about purchasing Wix domains, click here.


      However, you can purchase a new domain and connect it to your Wix site, please see Can I connect more than one domain to one Wix site?


      We are here should you require further assistance

      Many thanks, Barrios
  • danamonticelli

    Replied by danamonticelli May 22, 2014

    How does it take for orders to show up in the orders tab?  I have some that ordered 30 mins to an hour ago and I dont see anything!

    • Kosta Wix Team

      Replied by Kosta May 22, 2014



      Please note that I have answered your ticket here.


      Please try to avoid posting multiple duplicated tickets as it makes it harder for us to assist you.



      Kosta, Customer Solutions.

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