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  • sherrymukim

    Replied by sherrymukim April 24, 2014

    Hi, thank you for your reply. That was very helpful! 


  • dimitry Wix Team

    Replied by dimitry April 23, 2014


    Please note, after clicking the "Style Product Page", you will be able to click on any element on that page and adjust it:


    Note: In order for the changes that you made in your editor to be published to your live website, you must click publish from the editor every time after you've saved your changes.



    Dimitry - Wix Support
  • sherrymukim

    Replied by sherrymukim April 23, 2014

    (continued from the previous email).

    And only the current template in the product style page provides big images for products.

  • sherrymukim

    Replied by sherrymukim April 23, 2014

    Hi, on the product style page, i can only choose pre-designed template. It does not allow me to change font size in a particular template.

    Please advise.


  • Natty

    Replied by Natty April 23, 2014

    Hi Sherry,

    You can change these settings in the editor > click on the product gallery > style product page:


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