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When using PayPal as the payment method for your Wix Online Store, you are able to use any of the currencies that PayPal supports. PayPal support US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Russian Ruble.

For the full list of PayPal supported currencies, click here.

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  • dulcelevitz

    Replied by dulcelevitz November 22, 2012

    Thank you. Adam, I do not see the other replies and did not receive an email.

    I understand that I need to do that on PayPal, but they have a list of website shopping cart Platforms that they are compatible with and I need to know if wix is compatible with PayPal Business, in order for me to get PayPal Business advance. They have a list of platforms. That's what I am asking! https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/product-selection  I'm interested in the advance $5. Can you look at the link and click on Works with these shopping cart platforms. I need to know this before I proceed with purchasing it and then find out Wix is not compatible. If you don't know please refirm me to someone who does.  Regards and Thank you, D    Happy Thanksgiving


  • Adam F Wix Team

    Replied by Adam F November 21, 2012



    I can see that you have replied on several topics in forum and you were replied on all of them.

    In order to use PayPal with Wix you need a Premier or Business PayPal account. 

    If you are interested in changing your PayPal settings, I suggest contacting PayPal for further information.


    For more information about connecting your online store to PayPal, please go here.

  • dulcelevitz

    Replied by dulcelevitz November 21, 2012

    What shopping cart platform do you use, I want to use PayPal Advance, is this possible? Please return a reply, I sent in several requests for customer service/support help and no one has replied. I have since figured those things out, but still have this question. Thank you

  • Ron Wix Team

    Replied by Ron November 6, 2012



    In the future, please refrain from posting the same question in multiple threads, this can only delay our assistance.


    Your question has been answered in the original thread.

    Ron, Wix Team
  • zlcayana0

    Replied by zlcayana0 November 6, 2012

    can i use kuwaiti dinar " KD " in my online store?

  • Nadav

    Replied by Nadav October 30, 2012

    Does this company provide you with code to embed into your site?

    How does this company offer to implement the store into your site?


    If they offer to do so using HTML code, you can do so by doing the following:

    1. From the left toolbar, click Add.

    2. From the Add list, click Apps. Click HTML.

    3. From the HTML Settings window, under Mode, click the drop-down menu and select HTML code

    4. Under HTML/embed code, type or paste your HTML code.

    5. Click Update.

    6. Click outside of the HTML Add on to close the HTML Settings window.

    For more information check out the video below:


    Nadav - Wix Team
  • projectology

    Replied by projectology October 30, 2012


    I need to set payments in my store. I made all my store and a contract with a compony that provides all kinds of payment (easy pay) because in Portugal people don't use paypal. Now the company tells me you have no link to give all kins of payment to our users.

    What i am supposed to do if i spent weeks finishing the store and i don't have a way for people here in portugal to buy my products?

  • Daniel Wix Team

    Replied by Daniel October 27, 2012

    We're glad to hear that the problem was solved.

    Feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future!


    Daniel - Wix support team
  • jetteeskitchen

    Replied by jetteeskitchen October 27, 2012

    Oh my, I just figured it out. There is a scroll bar for the currency choices. I didn't see it before because I use a Mac and the scrollbar only highlights when the drop-down menu is pressed.

    Thanks for your patience! It's working fine now! :)

  • Yoni

    Replied by Yoni October 26, 2012

    Please provide us with a screen shot of the problem. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.

    To upload the screenshot, simply click on the "Upload" button and follow the steps.


    Yoni - Wix Support

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