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wix Wix Team

When using PayPal as the payment method for your Wix Online Store, you are able to use any of the currencies that PayPal supports. PayPal support US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Russian Ruble.

For the full list of PayPal supported currencies, click here.

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  • ForGsd IL

    Replied by ForGsd IL July 7, 2014


    בניתי חנות וירטואלית ואני משתמש בפיתרון הסליקה של פייפאל איך אני  מציג את דף הסליקה בעברית?

    • Daniel M Wix Team

      Replied by Daniel M July 7, 2014



      תוכלי לשנות את שפת החשבון שלך בפייפאל על ידי שינוי ההגדרות באתר פייפאל, כתוצאה מכך עמוד הסליקה יופיע בעברית.


      אם תצטרכי עזרה נוספת אנחנו כאן ונשמח לסייע,

      - Daniel M, Wix team.
    • ForGsd IL

      Replied by ForGsd IL July 7, 2014

      אני מצטער זה לא עוזר. מצ"ב לינק לאתר www.supercollar.co.il


    • Nitzan Wix Team

      Replied by Nitzan July 8, 2014



       בעמוד הפייפאל ישנה אפשרות לעבור בין אנגלית ועברית, כפי שניתן לראות בתמונות המסך הבאות:



      העמוד בעברית:



      אני ממליצה לבדוק בעמודי התמיכה של פייפאל כיצד לקבוע שעברית תהיה ברירת המחדל של הדף


      Have a great day! Nitzan - Wix Support Team
  • jonathan1930

    Replied by jonathan1930 May 12, 2014

    South Africa RAND

    That suck south africa a big market


    up your game, SA is the larest economy in africa, get your shyte together

    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia May 12, 2014


      Thank you for your feedback (but please try and not use profanities next time).

      Sadly, Paypal does not support RAND, but if you choose the offline payment option, you can use RAND as an option.


      Best regards

      Ilia - Wix Support
  • marijacobs84

    Replied by marijacobs84 April 3, 2014

    Hi! Please help! Im setting up a website for my business using WIX, I have selected the off line payment option.

    1) I live in South Africa and cant seem to find the south African Rand on the list... what now?

    2) do I still have to upgrade my site if I have an offline option??

    Love working on wix!! so easy!!

    • Nicole Wix Team Wix Team

      Replied by Nicole Wix Team April 3, 2014

      Thank you so much for your kind words :)

      1. I typed "south" into the search box and found the South African Rand with no problem:

      2. Yes, if you use the Wix Online Store, you need to upgrade to the Ecommerce package. Please note that I saw that on your other pages as "ladies" or "men", you have a grid gallery instead of using the product gallery. You will need to use the Online Store product gallery in order to connect it to a purchase button.

      For more information about the Wix Online Store click here.

      Thanks, Nicole,
  • lidyasusanto

    Replied by lidyasusanto March 20, 2014

    can i change the currency to IDR

    I want to buy packages from WIx....but have some question to ask:

    1. Can i change default currency ...coz im in Indonesia. since the optional currency doesnt contain IDR

    2. If I have already have domain and how can i transfer to wix ....since it hasnt 60 days from active


    • Dr. Zoidberg Wix Team

      Replied by Dr. Zoidberg March 20, 2014



      1. Currently the Wix Online Store supports all currencies PayPal supports. This includes: US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Russian Ruble.
      You can find a full list of PayPal support currencies here.


      2. You will have to wait 60 days in order to transfer your domain. Meanwhile, you can connect your domain to your Wix site via DNS

  • attipasromania

    Replied by attipasromania March 13, 2014

    romanian currency

    How can i Set the currency to Romanian RON?

    • Maya Wix Team

      Replied by Maya March 13, 2014

      Hi attipasromania,

      Please see the best reply above to see which currencies currently are supported.





      Maya Support-Team Wix
  • lorimichaeli4 Premium VIP

    Replied by lorimichaeli4 January 27, 2014

    I added a PayPal Donate button to my site. In the settings one of the fields is "Organization ID". What is this? Is this the Merchant ID that PayPal gave us? 

    • IdoWix

      Replied by IdoWix January 27, 2014

      According to PayPal the Organization ID is "...number to 
      identify the type or purpose of the donation". This is an optional data field. It is not the Merchant ID issued by PayPal. I believe it is meant for non-profit organizations but I suggest you consult PayPal on this as we cannot provide a definite answer.


      If you do contact PayPal, we will appreciate it if you can update this thread so others can learn from your experience.

  • melvinarespati

    Replied by melvinarespati January 23, 2014

    Change the Currency

    I'm still fascinated by how easy it was to make our own professional look website in Wix. I planned to make an e-commerce website, until I discovered that the currency is by default in US Dollar. It can be change to several other currency, I know. But I live in Indonesia, we are using Rupiah. Is there any way to change the currency in store mode? Paypal doesn't support the Indonesian currency, nor the other payment service.

  • beemaentertainmen5

    Replied by beemaentertainmen5 December 7, 2013

    Please Wix 

    Import this also into the shopping cart Dutch people don't use paypall and credits card. 

    (Ideal payment system) 

    the modules and api is already there.



  • hkmen-hk

    Replied by hkmen-hk September 9, 2013

    i am not talking about currency .i known paypal have many different currency.

    I said i dont want use Paypal , have another payment method ???

    please let me know ASAP

  • hkmen-hk

    Replied by hkmen-hk September 9, 2013

    I cant used Paypal .

    But i have paid the wix for a year for online store packages

    But if only can use paypal method i cant use my online line shopping , what to do ?

    another payment solution ?

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