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Nicole Wix Team Wix Team

You can add an Online Store to any Wix template or a site that you've built from scratch. It's free to try out in the Wix Editor, but you will need to upgrade to the eCommerce plan to start selling. For instructions on how to upgrade, click here.


To add an Online Store: From the left side of the Editor, click the Add icon > click Online Store > click Product Gallery > click Add to Page

From the Choose Collection window, select one of the collections > click OK.


Note: You'll be able to add additional collections or edit your existing collections, at any time, from the Wix Store Manager.

To access the Wix Store Manager: Click the Product Gallery to select it > from the pop-up menu, click Manage Store.


Don't forget to add a Shopping Cart to your site!

To add a Shopping Cart: From the left side of the Editor, click the Add icon > click Online Store > click Shopping Cart.


To receive a coupon for the eCommerce yearly plan, click here.


For detailed information about the Wix Online Store, including FAQ's, click here or view the interactive tutorial below:



Thanks, Nicole,

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  • katrinayearwood

    Replied by katrinayearwood February 25, 2014

    How do you lnk everything together for the onlne shop?


    I am really confused with this whole adding a cart thing and how it works. Basically I need to do the following:

    1. I want to see the little shopping cart at the top of my page that will show customers there basket.

    2. when  add things to basket I want the basket to add up, so it will say for example 3 items for £49.95.

    3. Also how do they go to checkout?

    I was told to create a 'cart page', i'm not sure if I did this the correct way. I basically went to add pages and named the page 'cart' was this correct or is there a different method? What is this page even for? How does everything link together?


    Please help! This is really confusing and frustrating!





    • Marceline Wix Team

      Replied by Marceline February 25, 2014



      1) Please, add a view to cart button following these instructions




      2) To create a cart page

      1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus sign to open Add.
      2. From Add, click Online Store.
      3. From Online Store, click Shopping Cart.

      For general information about the Wix Online Store, including FAQ's, click here.


      Best regards, WIX Team.
  • swanriver

    Replied by swanriver February 24, 2014

    I have upgraded my account to eCommerce, and I have a premium Pay Pal account.  I want to set up an online store to receive variable amount contributions.  I cannot get Pay Pal and the web site to work together.  Very frustrating.

    • Elia Wix Team

      Replied by Elia February 24, 2014


      Please provide us with a detailed outline of the steps you have taken until this point, so we may replicate the process from our end in finding a solution.
      -Where do you see it on your site, i.e. what page?
      -What component in the editor is causing the problem (i.e. text box)?

      *Please include screen shots, if possible.

      Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

      Elia - Wix Support
    • swanriver

      Replied by swanriver February 24, 2014

      There seem to be 2 ways to add an online contribution option.  One is by adding a Pay Pal button.  Pay Pal tells me to go into HTML edit mode and copy the code into the page on my web site.  But Wix tells me I can't actually edit the HTML code.  If I try to add the Pay Pal button from the Wix site, it asks me for my vender e-mail address, which I put in.  I hit save and the site processes forever, but does not link to Pay Pal.

      See attached screen shots.

      The other option is to create an online store.  But it doesn't seem to give me the option of just collecting contributions of various amounts determined by the donor.  It wants to sell products, when that is not the nature of the business I want to conduct.  So I can't seem to find the option to just collect contributions.


      To add more complexity, the contributions are political in nature.  So I need to add categories for the donor to list name, address, occupation, employer and to check a box that they are a citizen of the US.  That appears to be beyond what I can accomplish on this site.

      Should I just link to a different web site where I can collect contributions?


    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson February 25, 2014



      If you have taken the online package then you will need to set up your paypal account via the store manager check out how to by viewing out tutorial here.


      Now if you chose the PayPal button from the buttons list, this is not connected to the store and will just take your shoppers directly to the check out in paypal, not allowing them to purchase more then one item.


      The Buy Now button is a simple button that you can add to your site, to any product. This button is a simple instant purchase where once clicked on, it will take the user straight through to PayPal, this is a good option if you are selling items where the customer will only want to purchase one product.

      When using this option there is no charge by Wix, but you will need to check with PayPal with regards to their charges.

      Click here for instructions on adding a Buy Now button.


      If you are going to be selling a number of different items and collections and want to allow the customer to purchase more than one item, then you can choose the eCommerce package. This allows you to offer product options, discount vouchers and shipping rules and much more, for more information please click here.

      With the online store you can use an Add to Cart button to turn any object on your page into a product that a user may purchase! When a user clicks on the Add to Cart button, the product will be added to the user’s shopping cart.

      Remember to use the Add to Cart button, you must first add and set up a Shopping Cart and a Checkout button.

      For more information including FAQs click here.

  • virtualdepthct

    Replied by virtualdepthct February 17, 2014

    Change Template/design of page Into an Online Shop/Magazine



    I have the Magazine template. I want to add a hole shopping cart to my site and revamp the site into a more busier and shopping type site.

    How do I do this?


  • b16954

    Replied by b16954 February 2, 2014

    I ahev set up my store and are usually using Paypal for online payment. In this case i want to let my clients pay by money transfer from their bank accounts - which Skrill supports.

    Where do i find "Transaction Channel" and Sender ID" - there's no info about that on the Skrill website?



    • Anat Wix Team

      Replied by Anat February 2, 2014

      Hey Benjamin,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      Please note that currently you can only set one payment method for each online store: either Paypal or Skrill and not both.

      If you require any further assistance, please let us know .

      Anat - Wix Team
    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat February 2, 2014

      Hi Benjamin,

      Currently, you can use PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, or Authorize.Net with your Online Store shopping cart. 

      For information about connecting your Online Store to Skrill, click here.



      If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us again.
      Gat Wix Team.
  • olaftanholmnew

    Replied by olaftanholmnew January 16, 2014

    I would like to use SECUREPAY as my payment option on my site, is that possible?

    • ilan-t Wix Team

      Replied by ilan-t January 16, 2014



      Currently, you can use PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, or Authorize.Net with your Online Store shopping cart. Brazilian users can also use PagSeguro (please note that this payment method is available for Brazil only). After connecting your Online Store to your merchant account, all payments made by your buyers will appear in your merchant account. 
      To connect your merchant account to your store, click on Payment & Currency from Manage Store and choose a payment method from the drop-down menu. It is not possible to use a third party merchant. 
      For information about connecting your Online Store to PayPal, click here.
      For information about connecting your Online Store to WebMoney, click here.
      For information about connecting your Online Store to Skrill, click here.
      For information about connecting your Online Store to Authorize.Net, click here.

      Best regards

  • jennytan123

    Replied by jennytan123 January 16, 2014



    How many discount codes can be generated under the Premium package? 

    • ilan-t Wix Team

      Replied by ilan-t January 16, 2014



      You can now add coupons to the Online Store. For more information, click  here. There is no set limit for the number of coupons at the moment.


      Best regards


  • jennytan123

    Replied by jennytan123 January 16, 2014

    Hi! I understand that the discount code generator is available only in the premium package. However, how many discount codes can be generated if I take up the premium package? 


    • ilan-t Wix Team

      Replied by ilan-t January 16, 2014

      Hello Jenny,


      I answered your question on the other post.


      Best regards

  • fashionlibrary

    Replied by fashionlibrary January 13, 2014

    We have the eCommerce package on our site. When an order is placed, the full process is complete and payment is sent via paypal. The problem is that the 'Orders' tab does not get updated and this is where we want to be managing orders from.

    • Uma - Wix Team Wix Team

      Replied by Uma - Wix Team January 14, 2014


      You will not be able to see the order in the Orders tab until PayPal confirms the payment.

      To learn more about Wix eCommerce store and Orders tab click here.


  • ma3187

    Replied by ma3187 January 11, 2014

    Can you add an online store to an existing 'regular' site being created in Wix? Or do you have to start over and build an online store?



    • Dima Wix Team

      Replied by Dima January 11, 2014


      You can definitely add an Online Store to an existing site! You can find detailed instructions here

      Dima -Wix support team-
  • bro139

    Replied by bro139 December 31, 2013

    I know that you guys say you only accept webmoney, skrill, and paypal but why have you given me the option of authorize.net? I prepaid for the ecommerce package for 2 years and now I have no way of using my current credit card processing company? When I select the drop down item - authorize.net is an option and then it even asks me to complete my authorize.net ID and transaction key. The instructions on the same page lead customers to activate their authorize.net account, yet WIX does not support this online payment gateway?Please help, I transferred my DNS records already and we are losing money everyday that the site CC processing is broken. I am getting an error that says "line 270 is invalid", this occurs right after I put in my address, before it even asks for my CC number. Is this not a CC processing issue?

    Is there a customer service phone number?




    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson December 31, 2013


      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, from what we can see here at Wix this is an error through authorize.net

      Please can you contact them directly  here https://wix.mymoolah.com/

      and in the top right hand corner you will find the contact button.

      Please let me know how you get on and if you have any more questions.


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