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wix Wix Team

To duplicate your site: Sign in to your Wix account > click My Sites > next to the relevant site, click Manage Site > on the right, under Handy Shortcuts, click Show More > click Duplicate Site.


Note: You don't need to worry about losing your site content! You can find an overview of all edits and changes that you have made to your saved and published site in your Site History. This makes it easy for you to view, flag or restore to a prior version of your site at any point. For more information, click here.

For more information, click here, or watch the video tutorial below.

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  • crosscurveuk

    Replied by crosscurveuk February 26, 2014

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to duplicate a site across wix accounts? I created an account at home  (crosscurveuk) to have a play with your editor for a work website. I find the editor really easy to use and my colleagues like the site that I've produced so far so my next steps are to produce the 'final version' but on a work account that I have set up (brightonwrp). I can't see how to duplicate it from the one to the other!

    Kind regards


    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal February 26, 2014

      Hey John, 


      You can easily transfer a Wix site from one account to another! This process will create a copy in the other account.

      1. Go to "My Account" -> click on "Manage & Edit Site" next to the relevant site.
      2. Under "Site Actions" on the right side, click on "More" -> "Transfer Site".
      3. Add all relevant information and follow the steps.

      You can also follow instructions here and check out the video below.

      You can also transfer domains purchased by Wix to another account. Click here for information.


      P.S. If you want to use your own domain e.g. www.myname.com, please check out our premium upgrade options here.

      Please note: It isn't possible to transfer a premium package from one account to another.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!

      Thank you,

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • in4734

    Replied by in4734 February 13, 2014

    quick question.i have a wix site with my own domain , i want to create another site same layout but with another text/ email/ web address can i do this by copying and if so how?

    • Dror - Wix Support Wix Team

      Replied by Dror - Wix Support February 13, 2014


      If you've used a template - you can simply use the same template again. If you'e modified the template and wish to use your design, follow the instructions in the "Best Reply" and simply edit the content of the site. 

      Dror - Wix Team
    • Gat Wix Team

      Replied by Gat February 13, 2014


      Yes it is possible, please refer to the answer in best reply above for instructions on how to duplicate your site.

      The copy will be completely un-dependent on the first version, so you can name, edit or connect different domain to it without affecting the first version.


      If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us again.
      Gat Wix Team.
  • petermaruff

    Replied by petermaruff February 10, 2014


    I have two Premium sites, each with their own domain attached.  Let's call them site.com.au and site.com.

    Both are identical and need to stay identical.  I only want to make changes once (say to site.com.au) and then copy this site each time to site.com ... so they stay identical.  I don't want to have to make the changes twice.

    "Duplicate" doesn't work in this case because the target site (for copying) already exists and I can't delete a Premium site without major consequences.

    Please help me keep my 2 premium sites in sync.





    • Michal

      Replied by Michal February 10, 2014

      Hi Peter, 


      You can duplicate your site each time you make a change, and then transfer your premium package and domain to the new copy. To do this, please go to Wix.com > My Account > Packages > next to your premium package click Transfer > choose the new site. 

      Please note that this may affect your site's Google ranking, since this is determined per site, and the new site, although identical in almost all to the previous one, will still be a different site. 



      Michal - Wix Team
  • talkn2kat

    Replied by talkn2kat February 9, 2014

    If I have an existing website and domain through WIX ca

    I just started a college class that requires me to start a blog. Can I copy my existing WIX website and use it for my blog... just for this class? I do not want to mess up my site.

  • pitdana1

    Replied by pitdana1 February 3, 2014

    I have a free website and when i entaring user settings I can't see the details of my site and  i can't enter into it  to edit somthings. 
      But when I write the URL I can enter into 
    Waiting for an answer. 
    dana piterman 

    • Danna Wix Team

      Replied by Danna February 3, 2014

      Hi Dana!


      Please provide us with your site's address so we may locate it and assist you further.


      Danna- Wix Team
  • kellybrown75

    Replied by kellybrown75 January 21, 2014

    I would like to back up my sight. but i need help…i lost my webmaster and don't want to ruin site

    • Hudson Wix Team

      Replied by Hudson January 21, 2014


      You can create a copy of your site by going to My Account, clicking Manage & Edit Site and then clicking Duplicate Site. For more information, click  here, or watch the video tutorial below.


      In addition, you can find an overview of all edits and changes that you have made to your saved and published website. It makes it easy for you to view, flag or restore to a prior version of your website at any point. For step by step instructions click here .


      Please let us know if you are referring to a flash site and if so which one?

  • dooed

    Replied by dooed January 12, 2014

    Please duplicate my site - Michaelkovner.com and call it copy of mkov.

    Many thanks,


  • somars4

    Replied by somars4 January 8, 2014

    Duplication of website

    Please duplicate the website taeknigrunnskoli.is as it is now. 

    Thank you!   

  • markmedi2

    Replied by markmedi2 January 5, 2014

    I would simply like to change my current template site to a newly created template.  Same domain new look?  Can I do this?

    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia January 5, 2014


      You can do this by designing your new site using another template and then transferring the Premium Plan and domain to the new template.

      To move your premium status to another Wix site, simply click on "Packages" on the top bar on your "My Account" tab -> Click on "Transfer" under "Wix Site" -> choose the site you want the premium status to be transferred to.


      Please note that you will have to attach your domain to your updated site. You can do it via the Domain Manager when clicking on "Domains" on the top bar on your "My Account" tab -> Click "Manage" next to your domain -> Click "Change" next to "Wix Site" and choose the relevant site.

      You can find more information about premium packages here.
      You can find a video tutorial about managing your premium account here.

      For the Wix Premium Learning Center, click here.


      Best regards

      Ilia - Wix Support
  • dandsmassage

    Replied by dandsmassage December 6, 2013

    I had an original account and just wanted to change the name of site so I did that but the only thing that changed was my sign in. Per the notes it stated that my original would still be there unless I went in and deleted it. I deleted the new one and now I don't have the original either.  Is there a way to get that back. The original site was www.wix.com/dbecklmt/massage.



    • Anat Wix Team

      Replied by Anat December 6, 2013

      Hey  dandsmassage,


      I have restored this site for you,

      Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

      Anat - Wix Team

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