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You can find all of your billing information and more simply by clicking on My Sites > click the user panel on the top right of the page > click Billing & Payments. From there, you can view and print invoices, change credit card details, as well as cancel premium packages.

For general billing information please click here .


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  • zeecandlesp1

    Replied by zeecandlesp1 March 3, 2014

    Hi I am a wix member I have a current website with Wix and when I log into my account it says I see you don't have a site and there is no edit and manage my account button? Please confirm my web address www.zeecandlespa.com.au I need to make urgent changes to my site. Thanks Terri

    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan March 3, 2014

      You have created a new account just now without realizing, log out and log in using the correct email address:



  • jcolemanj

    Replied by jcolemanj February 13, 2014

    I have uploaded my wix website and now want to edit.

    When I sign in I am brought to a previous site that I am still working on (mobulk) and I cannot find my current site

    user name monbulkreiki.

    website address: monbulkreiki.wix.com/healing-centre

    how do I get into this to edit it

    • Samantha Wix Team

      Replied by Samantha February 13, 2014

      Hi !


      The site is under this account: jayceman@eircom.net


      have a nice day !


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    • jcolemanj

      Replied by jcolemanj February 13, 2014

      Thank you from absent minded me

  • re-gen

    Replied by re-gen February 11, 2014

    Hi I have recently created a WIX account, and this is now showing on a Google search but it is listing a now incorrect business address. how can I amend this?



    • Carla WixTeam Wix Team

      Replied by Carla WixTeam February 11, 2014

      I noticed that you have posted multiple questions on the forum.
      In order to receive a more accurate response and to avoid any confusion with overlapping material, please post your question only once.
      This will also speed up our response time to you since you will not have to repeat your issue multiple times and explain it to multiple representatives.
  • hartleydavie43

    Replied by hartleydavie43 February 9, 2014

    sorry--I may have saved it as V2V. thank you.

    • Anat Wix Team

      Replied by Anat February 9, 2014



      I was not able to find this username in our system.

      Maybe you can try to search for your login details or the Editor in the browser history or perhaps you can try to recall the email you used when you registered to Wix.


      Anat - Wix Team
  • hartleydavie43

    Replied by hartleydavie43 February 9, 2014



    just wondering how i can find my saved site--it was saved under--giving voice to the voiceless

    • Danna Wix Team

      Replied by Danna February 9, 2014

      Do you remember your site's full address- username.wix.com/sitename?

      Danna- Wix Team
  • icucimsoic

    Replied by icucimsoic January 17, 2014

    Hi I recently opened a wix site and cannot access it; nor will it load properly.


    I have tried to access it and the email I used keeps saying its a new sign up. This is frustrating and honestly I can find another platform.

    Can't even contact support through email? Really....

    I do not understand why.

    Please explain and help me with log in support.

    Email me @ thepartner85@live.com






    • Eileen Wix Team

      Replied by Eileen January 18, 2014

      Hey YP

      Your login email to the account is indeed  thepartner85@live.com

      Please check out this page for instructions in case:

      - you forgot your password

      - you want to update/ change your password.

      - you forgot the e-mail used to register the account.


      Please note- If you are having problems with resetting your password, please follow these steps:

      2. Close the Browser and open it again.
      3. Go back to the email we sent.
      4. Click the link.
      5. Click LOAD ANYWAY on the security warning that pops up. 
      If you use Firefox or Chrome and you let your browser save your passwords, you can try to retrieve your login details.
      For Firefox, go to Options --> Security --> Saved Passwords.
      For Chrome, go to Options --> Settings--> click on "Show advanced settings" on the bottom of the page --> under Passwords and forms, click Manage Saved Passwords -> click a password -> Show.

      While browsing on the web, your computer and browser stores various information. This build up of information can sometimes cause conflict.

      Please clear your browser's cache. You can find step by step instructions here.

      Please note that clearing your browser's cache will not resolve all issues.

      We also recommend you to try and use different browsers and see if there is any difference.

      Wix supports all major browsers (including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari), and all of those browsers support the ability to export favorites and bookmarks to the newly installed browser.

      To download the latest Google Chrome browser please click here
      To download the latest Firefox browser please click here
      To download the latest Safari browser please click here
      To download the latest Internet Explorer browser please click here



      Eileen, Wix Team.
  • time2achiev9

    Replied by time2achiev9 January 16, 2014

    I just logged into my wix account to try to make edits to my website which I have not edited in almost a year. I noticed that on the welcome page, it is telling me that I havent created a website yet... BUT I am looknig right at it from my browser. There is no Edit my website option. Where is my website edit option? Please help me here.

    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan January 16, 2014

      You have created a new account instead of logging into the old one. Please provide us with a link to a site under that old account, we will be able to find it for you.

  • ma3123

    Replied by ma3123 January 9, 2014

    Hi I can't get into my website I recently created. Could you confirm the correct email please as I have tried both the emails I own :( (http://nes858.wix.com/northealingschool) 

    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan January 9, 2014

      This is the correct email address:


    • ma3123

      Replied by ma3123 January 9, 2014

      ohh brill thank you. Phew


    • Nadia.Tannous

      Replied by Nadia.Tannous January 9, 2014



      Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance

      Nadia Tannous
  • fatcatdesig3

    Replied by fatcatdesig3 January 1, 2014


    I have now been able to get into my Wix account but my website and account information 

    have all disappeared? I published my new website with Wix in November 2013.


    Where do I find my website so I can continue to edit it, and also to view my 

    and manage my account and payment information, I have paid up for a years 

    Unlimited Premium Plan.

    Many thanks,



    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan January 1, 2014

      It's not gone, you have inadvertently created a new account, as it is new, nothing is under it. Log out and log in using this email address:



      (the new one was made with fatcatdesign@xtra.co.nz)

  • fishspakangal

    Replied by fishspakangal December 29, 2013


    how can i change the position of the pin(marker) on the google map?

    my location doesn't suit with the pin in my website's map!

    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti December 30, 2013


      It isn't possible to move the Pin on the Google Map app.

      Click here for more information about the Google Map app.



      Best, Ritti

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