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wix Wix Team

You may have misspelled the e-mail address when creating your account. Please send us the username and the URL address of your Wix site in this thread so that we can locate your account.

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  • slodkiemarzenia2

    Replied by slodkiemarzenia2 22 hours ago


    my username : slodkiemarzenia

    I'm having problems accesing  my accout. I may have misspelled my email adress when I creatig my account. Can you send me an email  slodkiemarzenia@hotmail.com for www.slodkiemarzenia.wix.com/torty.

    Plz help

    • Jonathan Wix Team

      Replied by Jonathan 17 hours ago

      The registered email address is:


    • slodkiemarzenia2

      Replied by slodkiemarzenia2 16 hours ago

      Thanks very much :)

    • Dana Wix Team

      Replied by Dana 15 hours ago

      Cheers! Please feel free to contact us again for any future assistance!


      Thanks, Dana- Wix Team
  • hawleyhughes

    Replied by hawleyhughes Yesterday

    Yes I made a mistake when I entered the email. I have a site registered with my own email and then made one for her and entered it incorrectly. Can you please assist me? The site is ITDdance.com

    • Tal Wix Team

      Replied by Tal 20 hours ago



      This domain is not connected to any of Wix's sites.

      Please provide us your site's free URL so we'll be able to locate your account.

      Tal, Wix Team
  • alhiba

    Replied by alhiba Yesterday

    my username



    • alhiba

      Replied by alhiba Yesterday

      plz help


    • Anat Wix Team

      Replied by Anat Yesterday

      Hi alhiba,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      This is indeed the email this account was registered with.

      Please try to reset the password using the "forgot password" link. An email to reset the password will be sent to your email address.


      Please let us know should you require further assistance. 

      Anat - Wix Team
  • my619productions1

    Replied by my619productions1 3 days ago


    I am having problems accessing my account. Can't get in with username/password.

    URL http://619productionsinc.wix.com/arts

    username: my619productions@gmail.com

    password: my619site

    Please advise.



    • Ella Wix Team

      Replied by Ella 3 days ago


      Please be aware that your sign-in details are as follows:
      Email : my619productions@yahoo.com

      To update your email, please log-in using the above email and then go to My Account > Settings and update your email in the email field.

      If you forgot your password please go to this page for instructions on how to reset it.

      Don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any further difficulties.


  • keldraftingservice

    Replied by keldraftingservice 5 days ago

    I am having problems accessing my account. I may have misspelled my email addy. Can you send me an email. kel.draftingservices@gmail.com for www.lovingmommynole.com 


    • Dean Wix Team

      Replied by Dean 5 days ago



      Please login to your account using this email address kel.draftingservcies@gmail.com

      All the best, Dean - Wix Team
  • kerryblackwell22

    Replied by kerryblackwell22 April 16, 2014

    I can't log in using my email address

    • Léa Wix Team

      Replied by Léa April 16, 2014



      Could you please specify your email and the URL of your website.



      Léa - L'Équipe Wix
  • ar2238

    Replied by ar2238 April 14, 2014

    Hi I can't login to my account to change the email address (I no longer use the old one or have access to it - ar@russells.co) and I can't get a password reminder as it is sending to to the russells.co email address......help! I need to change the email address ont he account to aruss380@hotmail.co.uk and change the password once that is done.  Thanks

    • Shai Wix Team

      Replied by Shai April 14, 2014

      It seems that you've made this comment using the account you say you are unable to access, is this correct? If you are still unable to change your login details, we will happily assist you.

  • jackbiggs20121

    Replied by jackbiggs20121 April 13, 2014

    I need the email for wearewombwell1 url: http://www.wearewombwell1.wix.com/wearewombwell

    • Ilia Wix Team

      Replied by Ilia April 13, 2014


      The email you're registered under is: jaydonlee_goulding@outlook.com

      Please check out this page for instructions in case:

      - you forgot your password
      - you want to update/ change your password.
      - you forgot the e-mail used to register the account.

      If you still can't login: 

      1. Clear cache
      - Close the Browser and open it again.
      - Go back to the email we sent.
      - Click the link.
      - Click "Load Anyway" on the security warning that pops up. 

      2. Make sure your cookies aren't blocked in your browser.
      If you have blocked your cookies you won't be able to use Wix.
      You can find instructions about your browser cookie depending on your browser here.

      Please note- If you are having problems with resetting your password, please follow these steps:
      If you use Firefox or Chrome and you let your browser save your passwords, you can try to retrieve your login details.
      For Firefox, go to Options --> Security --> Saved Passwords.
      For Chrome, go to Options --> Settings--> click on "Show advanced settings" on the bottom of the page --> under Passwords and forms, click Manage Saved Passwords -> click a password -> Show.


      Best regards

      Ilia - Wix Support
  • napo47

    Replied by napo47 April 11, 2014

    Hi Wix,

    I have two premium accounts   www.napob.com and www.seedcollective.net... for some reason when I enter my email  napoleon@brewsoul.com  I end up at an old account napo47 which has no sites on it and I can't access my "brewsoul" account with several sites on it. I am in the middle of updating my pages and it is important I get access to my account. everytime I click the "cant remember password" and enter the email I have been using for the last three years it sends me a link back to napo47 and not the brewsoul account. I have cleared my cache files in hopes of getting through but no success. I need help, I would appreciate some clarification on what is going on here.

    help ASAP  napoleon@brewsoul.com

    • HIRO Wix Team

      Replied by HIRO April 11, 2014

      According to our record, the above-specified domain names "napob.com" and "seedcollective.net" are both added to the same account associating with an email address "napoleon@brewsoul.com" as you provided. 

      (User Name: brewsoul)

      On the other hand, you submitted this ticket from an account associating with an email address "napo@brewsoul.com"
      (User Name: "napo47")

      Since you have created multiple accounts, it is highly suspected that the browser you use to login to an account render information from cached data and automatically switched to "napo47" log in information when you try to log into "brewsoul'.

      Please try the followings to see if you can log into the correct account:

      ​1. Clear Browser's Cache:  You can find step by step instructions
      2. Use other browsers : 

      - To download the latest Google Chrome browser please click here
      - To download the latest Firefox browser please click here
      - To download the latest Safari browser please click here
      - To download the latest Internet Explorer browser please click here

      3. Use "Secret Window"

      If the issue still persists, please let us know.
      Thank you.

      -HIRO, Wix Team
  • leevee1952

    Replied by leevee1952 April 9, 2014

    I can log in through my table with no problems but not the desktop.  Thx

    • Dana Wix Team

      Replied by Dana April 9, 2014



      Please elaborate what exactly happens when you try logging in, are you receiving any errors? Is your My Account page not loading? Have you lost you logging information?


      Please also provide us with your site's address so we may locate it and assist you further.


      Thanks, Dana- Wix Team

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