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Wix offers an amazing feature which takes your HTML site and automatically creates an optimized version for mobile view. You can then edit your Mobile site using the Mobile Editor.


To switch to the Mobile Editor, simply click the Mobile icon at the top left of your Editor. From here you can change the placement and size of your elements, hide elements from your mobile site, create a Mobile Action Bar and even change the style of certain elements, such as text.

Click here for more information or watch the video tutorial below.


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  • jessegerms

    Replied by jessegerms March 16, 2013

    Dear wix,

    I have just launched my mobile site. However it does not appear anything like the iphone preview in the builder showed it to look like. i also noticed that as you scroll through my gallery the pictures stop displaying 2-3 pictures in. Whats up? did i do something wrong? Help?

  • Jo Wix Team

    Replied by Jo March 14, 2013

    We do not offer this option.

    By default, iPads and tablets will display your regular HTML5 site and all other mobile devices will redirect to your WixMobile site.



  • evelienzaffiro

    Replied by evelienzaffiro March 14, 2013

    I have a question; I like my website and I think a mobile version is very handy but what I would like is a option, that when people are trying to look at my website, they can choose ¨Go to mobile version¨ OR ¨Enter normal website¨ 

    Is this possible?

  • Jo Wix Team

    Replied by Jo March 12, 2013

    The reason this was happening was because you had components that were outside of the gridlines which was causing your site to look off-center.

    I moved them within the gridlines and published so the issue is resolved.



  • Leah Wix Team

    Replied by Leah March 12, 2013

    Hi jessicaarrr,


    I'm glad this worked out! Please let us know if you have any further questions.


    Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • jessicaarrr

    Replied by jessicaarrr March 12, 2013

    Dont worry found it!!

  • jessicaarrr

    Replied by jessicaarrr March 12, 2013

    I accidentally created a template site and now on mobiles its going to the template mobile site instead of my HTML site... How do i delete this template?! 

    I need to know ASAP PLEASE!!! Im launching my site TONIGHT!??? HELP!!!!


  • marinazhiv

    Replied by marinazhiv March 12, 2013

    Hello Wix Team.

    I havn`t created a Mobile Site but I was trying to open my website on my iPhone.  It worked fine but its content looked different. The pages were located on the left side of the screen, and the text moved a bit from the original order.

    Please look into it whenever you have a chance.

    Thank you, Marina  

  • Itamar Wix Team

    Replied by Itamar March 2, 2013


    I can see you have connected your domain to your Wix site by pointing to our IP address. Please note that if connecting your domain to your Wix site by using our name servers (DNS), your mobile site will automatically be associated with your domain and you will not have to take any further actions (connecting your domain with name servers is the recommended method of connecting your domain to Wix).

    If you would like to connect your site via Wix's name servers, please go into the Wix Domain Manager (My Account > Manage Premium > Domains) and remove the domain and then add the domain name again under DNS (name servers). Then, contact your domain host and ask them to point to your site via the name servers(ns1.wix.com & ns2.wix.com).
    If you still wish to use the pointing method - In order to get your Mobile site up and running please ask your domain host to also point the subdomain m.yourdomain.com to the Wix IP you can see here

    Please also visit our Wix Mobile Learning Center here.

    Itamar, Wix team
  • tasteofthaihouse

    Replied by tasteofthaihouse March 1, 2013

    i already made mobile website but i cant open it in my iphone. what happened ??

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