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If you are experiencing a delay in receiving emails, or an email did not arrive to your Google Apps mailbox, please click here for Google Apps support.


For more FAQs about Google Apps, click here.

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  • fontanajacqueline

    Replied by fontanajacqueline Yesterday

    I followed all the troubleshooting instructions and I still do not receive any emails.... I need help urgently please

    • Elia Wix Team

      Replied by Elia Yesterday

      I noticed that you have posted multiple questions on the forum.

      In order to receive a more accurate response and to avoid any confusion with overlapping material, please post your question only once.
      This will also speed up our response time to you since you will not have to repeat your issue multiple times and explain it to multiple representatives.
      Please refer to our response in this thread.
      Elia - Wix Support
  • pjbothwell

    Replied by pjbothwell 3 days ago

    Hi Ira Bel

    Thanks for your reply... 

    OK, so long story short - my www.solarevolution.net.au website I created using a wix template was originally transferred from crazy domains where I purchased it. I upgraded to a premium / ecommerce type package through Wix, and I also bought a google apps mailbox (info@solarevolution.net.au). Recently I have had an ecommerce professionally built which I then cancelled the renewal of my premium Wix package and transferred the above domain to my new DNS / NS host. The minute I did that I stopped receiving emails on my wix supported google mailbox. I am currently using another host to receive the info@solarevolution.net.au 'incoming' mail, but I wanted to and asked the question - can I still keep this mailbox running because I was hoping to keep it hosted on the wix site - and it is up for renewal. I was then told that I have to have a domain registered / hosted through Wix in order to be able to renew / have a functioning mailbox. So I am, now asking if of the 35 domains I own, I have 15 spare and I wanted to transfer one of them to Wix as I did in the very beginning with www.solarevolution.net.au, so as to then have a domain hosted with Wix, meaning I can then renew and keep using mailbox. I have 7 days until the mailbox will expire, therefore if you can help me with my question it would be much appreciated.As with the rest of the question, if I can do this is it the same price as what Yoav quoted me (which was picking a new .biz domain nane and hosting...)

    I hope that wasn't to much jibber...

    I look forward to your reply...

    Thanks... :)

    • Nitzan Wix Team

      Replied by Nitzan 3 days ago

      You can transfer your domain away from Wix and either keep you Google Apps Mailbox with Wix or migrate it to Google.
      For information about the prices of Google Apps Mailbox purchased through Wix, please click here.

      If you wish to connect your own domain purchased from any domain registrar to your Wix account and then connect the mailbox to that domain, you can purchase our Connect Domain Plan.

      For more information about this plan, click here.


      If you wish to migrate to Google, please contact Google Apps support and ask them to migrate your account from Wix to Google.

      The contact details for Google Apps support can be found here

      Please let us know how we can further assist you.
      Have a great day! Nitzan - Wix Support Team
  • Ira Bel Wix Team

    Replied by Ira Bel 3 days ago



    We can see only one domain under the account you are using to contact us, and it is not Wix domain.

    Please elaborate, which domains are you referring to and what exactly do you want to do with them (transfer to another host or connect them to external sites) ?


    Thank you for your cooperation, we are awaiting your reply.

  • pjbothwell

    Replied by pjbothwell 3 days ago

    Thanks Yoav :)

     back at you one last time...

    I own a whole bunch of domains already, some of which are pointed to other sites / ecommerce package, and a bunch doing nothing. Can I just transfer one of these names across from crazy domains and host it here for the same price or is it more or less..? 

    More importantly, as soon as I click buy, renew (or whatever), will my google apps email inbox start working once again so long as its renewed as per the date required to be?

    Thanks again mate :)

  • Yoav Wix Team

    Replied by Yoav 4 days ago

    Hello again,


    Our current domain prices are:

    One Year: $14.95 (.biz domains are $15.95)
    Two Years: $27.90 (.biz domains are $29.90)
    Three Years: $38.85 (.biz domains are $41.85)
    To purchase a domain: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > enter your domain into the search box > click Search.
    If the domain is available, click Get It to register it directly on Wix.


    Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need anything else!

  • pjbothwell

    Replied by pjbothwell 4 days ago

    Hi there


    thankyou for your reply!

    So the email domain is $49 for the years subscription, how much is a domain subscription? bearing in mind I can pay $90 a year for the same product to google, I am hoping it is less than $50 because I would rather not have the hassle and leave it as is as I intend (depending on the outcome here) creating another site for my partners venture in a few months...



  • Yoav Wix Team

    Replied by Yoav 4 days ago



    You can keep your email subscription even without an active Wix Premium plan.

    Please note, however, that the domain subscription is still required - as well as the email service subscription.


    Let us know if you need any additional help - we'll be happy to further assist!

  • pjbothwell

    Replied by pjbothwell 4 days ago

    Can I continue to use google apps mailbox after cancelling premium package

    I have cancelled my premium package but want to keep using wix as my email host. Is this possible because at the moment I cant receive emails and it is an email I use for my business? I am also due to renew the email hosting and need to know whether to renew or am I wasting my money?

  • Nikolai Wix Team

    Replied by Nikolai 5 days ago

    Hi fontanajacqueline,

    Thank you for contacting us.


    I see that your Mailbox has been correctly set up on our side.


    Please go over this Google troubleshoot to solve the issue.

    Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

    Nikolai, Wix team
  • fontanajacqueline

    Replied by fontanajacqueline 5 days ago

    Mailbox issues

    Today, I purchased the mailbox service and set it up but for some reason, I am not getting any messages I have sent myself to test the gmail account.

    • Gan Wix Team

      Replied by Gan Yesterday

      Hi Fontanajacqueline,

      Thank you for contacting us.


      I have merged your question with the relevant topic. PLease refer to the best reply at the top.


      Please contact us for further assistance.

      Best, Wix.
    • fontanajacqueline

      Replied by fontanajacqueline Yesterday

      You have already sent me that message before and I have already checked everything the Google Apps Support asked me to check....... Since it did help, I had to contact you again.

      Can I talk to somebody over the phone about this???

    • fontanajacqueline

      Replied by fontanajacqueline Yesterday

      Since It did NOT help, I had to contact you again (Sorry! that is what I meant!)


    • fontanajacqueline

      Replied by fontanajacqueline Yesterday

      Please provide a phone number!


    • Rony Wix Team

      Replied by Rony Yesterday


      We apologize for the inconveniences. Wix phone support can be scheduled by clicking here

      Please be sure you are logged in to your Wix account and be prepared to provide us with some details of your issue.

      Also, you can call 1-800-6000-WIX (949) to contact a live agent without having to schedule in advance (Callers outside the US can call 415-639-9034).
      Please note that wait times will be longer for direct calls than scheduled calls and that you must cancel any pending scheduled calls (either online or through the phone) to get through to a live agent when you call the above numbers.

      Rony WixTeam

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