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wix Wix Team

You can purchase a personalized Google Apps mailbox directly from Wix!


To purchase a Google Apps email account: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Mailboxes > under get a Personalized Email Address, select a domain from the drop down menu > click Add Email > complete the information on the payment pages that follow.


Note: If you do not currently have any domains listed in your account, you will not see the drop-down menu mentioned above. To purchase a mailbox, you must first purchase a domain and add it to the Domains section of your account. For more information about purchasing and setting up a domain, click here.

If you have already purchased a mailbox for one of your domain and would like to add additional mailboxes, click here and follow the instructions.


For more information on purchasing a Google Apps Email account, click here.

Please note that this feature is not yet available for all users.

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  • support2875

    Replied by support2875 Yesterday



    i want to use the personalized mail box. i have followed the following steps:



    but when i click on Buy Now, it shows that Oops! It seems you already have a Google Apps account

  • blubees

    Replied by blubees Yesterday

    making email from my domain.


    I would like to know how can I make my email from my current domain www.bluebeespizza.com.


    Resty delos Reyes


    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y Yesterday

      Hey there Resty,


      I have merged your post with the relevant thread. Please read the Best Reply herein above, and let us know in case you have any questions.

      All the best, Or
  • pennyvarley

    Replied by pennyvarley August 6, 2014

    I have already purchased a Wix email account through Google Apps which was attached to my hotmail email through windows 8.  Hotmail has disappeared and with it my email from Wix which I cannot log into on Google.  I am paying for an email i cannot access.  Any ideas.

    • Rony Wix Team

      Replied by Rony August 7, 2014


      Thanks for contacting Wix Support.

      To access your mailbox: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Mailboxes > next to the relevant mailbox, click Manage.

      On the Mailbox Summary page, under Manage Settings, click Google Control Panel Settings > select an existing account or click Add account to add a new one.


      Note: If you already have a Google Apps account or a Gmail account, you may be asked, by default, to log in to that account. If this is not the correct account: click on Sign in with a different account > click Add Account > enter your full admin username- user@domain.com.
      You can find detailed instructions here.


      You can also sign into your mailbox directly through Gmail.com. Simply enter your entire Google Apps email address, including @mydomain.com, and your password.

      For more information on purchasing and setting up Google apps emails, please click here.


      Rony WixTeam
  • houseofbeautysecret6

    Replied by houseofbeautysecret6 July 27, 2014

    hi I have purchased a mailbox from wix (gmail)
    unfortunately, I wasn't able to pay the bills because I was not notified.

    it says there bad debt. I can pay now. but how?

    the service is temporary unavailable. I should have received a notif atleast on my email so that I would know.

    • Boris Wix Team

      Replied by Boris July 28, 2014



      Sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing.


      I have checked your account and noticed your mailbox has been canceled due to payment problems on July 26th.


      Please note that it may not be possible to repurchase your Google Apps mailbox until up to 5 days after the expiry date.
      If you were unable to use the repurchase feature today, please try again.


      If the issue persists and you still keep seeing an error message, don't hesitate to contact us again.


      Best regards, Boris
    • houseofbeautysecret6

      Replied by houseofbeautysecret6 July 30, 2014

      i think there's an error already. 

      please help me, i have clients, i need to check for their orders.


    • houseofbeautysecret6

      Replied by houseofbeautysecret6 July 30, 2014

      i did not receive any notif that it's my due date. so unfair really...

    • Janet - Wix Billing Team Wix Team

      Replied by Janet - Wix Billing Team July 30, 2014

      Hi houseofbeautysecret6,

      I've checked your account and you should now be able to repurchase.

      Please try the repurchase now and let us know if you continue experiencing the same issue.

  • ozgur25

    Replied by ozgur25 July 21, 2014

    Hi Wix,

    I am trying to repurchase my gmail email services. I am following all the stated steps but I receive this message when I try enter the code.

    "No services have been enabled/installed for you. Please contact your admin."

    What should I do ?


    • Nikolai Wix Team

      Replied by Nikolai July 21, 2014

      Hi ozgur25,


      Thank you for contacting us,


      The error message you are receiving indicates that you logged in with the wrong mailbox, and didn't enter your admin email.


      Please try the repurchase process again logging in with your admin email.


      After you do that please follow instructions there.


      Please contact us if you require any further assistance,

      Nikolai, Wix team
    • ozgur25

      Replied by ozgur25 July 21, 2014

      Hi Nikola,

      I have deleted the other account. I am trying to log in my admin account but everytime I try it refreshes and does not let me in.

      I am stuck. I will appreciate if you help me,



    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y July 22, 2014

      Hello Ozgur,


      You purchased 2 mailboxes on the domain procedo.co and one on the domain gastronomynews.net. Note that you have not completed both Premium plan payments and canceled all mailbox payments.


      Please make sure your credit card details are properly inserted.


      To update your payment details: Sign in to your Wix account > at the top right of the page, hover over the user panel > click Billing & Payments.

      Next to the relevant plan, click Manage > next to Payment method, click Update payment method > update your credit card details > click OK.


      For more information on updating your payment method, click here.

      All the best, Or
    • ozgur25

      Replied by ozgur25 July 24, 2014

      Hi there, I have inserted my credit card info as you have stated.

      But still the same,

      What should I do ?Thanks

    • Or Y Wix Team

      Replied by Or Y July 24, 2014



      I can see you have successfully purchased a monthly Unlimited Premium plan.

      Now, please re-purchase the domain with which you wish to have an associated Google Apps mailbox, by following these instructions.


      Next, please go to Subscriptions > Mailboxes, click on repurchase mailbox and follow the instructions.


      Please let us know in case you need further help.

      All the best, Or
    • ozgur25

      Replied by ozgur25 July 24, 2014

      Hi there,

      I gave up, When I try to purchase the previous domain ,Now  It asks  for the authorisation code sent to the original registrar, which I can not access because the web agent I have purchased through does not answer me.

      And I do not think you may have a solution for this..



    • Noa Wix Team

      Replied by Noa July 25, 2014



      To my understanding you already have a domain and you are trying to transfer it to Wix.

      Please note that if you are the owner of the domain you can also connect the domain through DNS rather than transfer it to Wix.

      This will also allow you to purchase google mailboxes for it.


      Please note though that you will need access to the email address that was used to purchase the domain in order to do this.


      Let us know if we can further assist,

      Noa - Wix Team
  • arcepamela0

    Replied by arcepamela0 July 15, 2014

    hello, I bougth a wix premium account around one month ago, it said I had the option to costumize an email for free. I just tried to do it but its not working it sends me to the options to purchase. Can you help me sort this out? Thank you

    • Janet - Wix Billing Team Wix Team

      Replied by Janet - Wix Billing Team July 15, 2014

      Hi arcepamela0,

      Thanks for contacting Wix support.

      None of our promotions offer a free Google Apps mailbox.

      Can you please send me the details of the promotion which offered a free mailbox so I can check this for you?


  • redfoxhostel

    Replied by redfoxhostel July 10, 2014

    how much it cost

    hello, if i pay for google mailbox user, how many sub-users does it include? if i buy one email lets say

    xxxxxx@hotel.com, do i get for free the sub users like joe@hotel.com, office@hotel.com, info@hotel.com  ? or do i have to pay for 3 accounts??

    • Carla WixTeam Wix Team

      Replied by Carla WixTeam July 10, 2014

      Hello redfoxhostel,


      Each email account needs to be purchased separately.  

      Please check the Best Reply of this topic of further information on how to purchase email accounts from Wix.


      Best Regards,

    • redfoxhostel

      Replied by redfoxhostel July 10, 2014

      hello, i entered to google apps page and there it says:

      A user is defined as one personalized email address (name@yourcompany.com). Group email aliases (support@yourcompany.com) are included free and don't count as users.


      so from that i can understand that i can get more than 1 sub-users for each account.. so my question is- if i want 3 mails:   1@hotel.com   2@hotel.com   3@hotel.com

      do i need to pay 5$ or 15$   ???

    • Sheila Wix Team

      Replied by Sheila July 10, 2014

      There is no free email address for Google Apps Mailbox.

      If want to have three email addresses for  @hotel.com, you will need to pay US $4.95 x 3 for Monthly plan, or US $48.96 X 3 for Yearly plan. 



      Sheila - Wix Support
    • redfoxhostel

      Replied by redfoxhostel July 11, 2014

      sorry but i didn't understand yet,  if i buy it directly from google, can i get free users or not? because google says that the answer is yes..

    • Alina Wix Team

      Replied by Alina July 11, 2014


      If you purchase an email box from Wix, it is not possible to add a free user. You will need to purchase the email boxes separately. 
      If want to have three email addresses for hotel.com, you will need to pay US $4.95 x 3 for Monthly plan, or US $48.96 X 3 for Yearly plan. 

      Please let us know should you require any further assistance. 

      Alina, Wix Support Team
  • mehmetyalhi

    Replied by mehmetyalhi July 10, 2014

    How do I get a mail adress with my domain name?


    I have a domain www.meyaajans.com. I would like to have also ****@meyaajans.com (gmail) account. How do I do that. Need your help.



  • georgejarn

    Replied by georgejarn June 27, 2014

    I have tried to add an app. Clicked on add app. It takes me to a template page. How do I add this thing?

    • Or Wix Team

      Replied by Or June 27, 2014



      Where are you trying to add the app from? If you're not doing it via the editor, please try to add it from the App Market in your site's editor.


      Please let us know if you require further assistance.

      Kind regards, Or - Wix Support Team.
  • mariozanon

    Replied by mariozanon June 23, 2014

    setting up email to google

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to set up my purchased wix email to my google account ?

    each time i click set up it takes me to my sign in page on google , do i need to setup a new account email with my wix website email address? 

    i have tried entering my wix email add in the google sign in page but it keeps saying password or email not recognised 


    • Ritti Wix Team

      Replied by Ritti June 23, 2014


      I can see that you have already set up your email account. Please make sure that you enter the new email and password you have set with your Google apps account.

      Should you not remember it, please let us know and we will reset it for you per request.

      Best, Ritti

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