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To edit a template from the Templates page: Roll over the template of your choice > click Edit > the Wix Editor will open and you will be able to edit the template according to your requirements.

Note: The Explore page shows sample sites that have been made by Wix customers. These sites are not available as templates.


For more information about building your website from a template, click here.

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  • cobocobo

    Replied by cobocobo September 25, 2013

    how can I use another FLASH TEMPLATE, who I have?

    • ariadned Wix Team

      Replied by ariadned September 26, 2013

      Hi cobocobo,

      I'm not quite sure what you're referring to.

      Please note that if you want to use one of our Flash templates, please click here

      If you need any further assistance please let us know.


      Ariadne - Wix Team
    • cobocobo

      Replied by cobocobo September 26, 2013

      how can I use FLASH TEMPLATE which I have and You do not?

    • Eyal Wix Team

      Replied by Eyal September 26, 2013

      Hey cobocobo,


      We are doing everything in our power to provide the highest level of support and service.

      Ariadne provided you with a link to our Flash templates, but I see this wasn't your issue.

      In this case we do require additional information to assist you as effectively and efficiently as possible.

      Please be as specific as possible when answering the questions below.

      -May we ask for your time in sending us specific details as to the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing?
      -Please provide us with a detailed outline of the steps you have taken until this point, so we may replicate the process from our end in finding a solution.
      -Where do you see it on your site, i.e. what page?
      -What component in the editor is causing the problem (i.e. text box)?

      *Please include screen shots, if possible.

      Thank you for your cooperation and we await your reply.

      Eyal, Wix Customer Support Team
  • zenisha249

    Replied by zenisha249 August 13, 2013

    Good Day!

    I already choose a template but every time I click the edit the site, it's always appear to download the latest version of google chrome which I already did, and again, the browser repeatedly appear when I do click again the edit page.. Help me how.. Thanks..

    • Ron Wix Team

      Replied by Ron August 13, 2013



      It appears that your browser version is outdated, actually very outdated, Chrome 12.


      Please make sure to update your browser to the latest version available as this is a crucial requirement when working with HTML5 sites.


      Should the issue you've encountered persist, you will need to contact Google Chrome's support department as you are having difficulties updating their browser, not difficulties with Wix.


      Ron, Wix Team
  • samscrazycrafts

    Replied by samscrazycrafts June 16, 2013

    Can I change the template that I've chosen?

    • Nat

      Replied by Nat June 16, 2013

      It is not possible to change one Wix template with another one within a created site. It is also not possible to combine two different Wix templates in one site- you are able to edit only one at a time. If you wish to choose a different template, simply create a new site.

      After you create the new site you can easily move your premium status to it! Simply enter your "Manage Premium" system via "My Account".
      Please note that you will have to attach your domain to your updated site. You can do it via the Domain Manager when clicking on "Manage Premium".

      You can find more information  here .
      You can find a video tutorial about "Manage Premium"  here .

      For the Wix Premium Learning Center, click  here.

      Please don't hesitate to contact us again. Nat
  • phi772

    Replied by phi772 June 13, 2013

    when I first click on edit this site nothing happens. I tried other browsers, etc..nothing,,, suggestions.

    • Kika Wix Team

      Replied by Kika June 13, 2013

      Please follow the instructions here in the Overview section. 

  • kaybyrnes

    Replied by kaybyrnes June 8, 2013

    First, I wish to air a grievance - I am in Australia and at 2.00am here I called Wix to a seek direct help and I was placed in hold pattern. That's alright if it doesn't go on for too long... but I was just left there waiting to get through to someone I could talk to for a whole hour .. and then, to my total dismay, the line just simply went dead. I couldn't believe it and, you can imagine how much that call will have cost me to no avail whatsoever. I hate to think!! It just isn't good enough, not a soul in all that time came back to check on my wellbeing or to re-assure my being attended to .. only the music left to pacify my rising ire.      OK, that my beef about the lack of professionalism in Wix's approach to the needs of those who go to the trouble to contact by phone.    OK - now to my questions:  It would appear that as I have saved a page, I lose the ability to go back and adjust minor placement corrections, etc.  I know there must be a way to do it, but at this point of time, I'm at a loss in working it out.  Would appreciate the wherewithall of how to make the page editable again.  In this Puppy Nannies website I'm tackling, I can't even work out how to put in the text changes to what is there .. or, add a frame to house a new graphic I would want to add to the body of a page.  Also, there appears in this template to be no allocation for an 'Undo' button... if it's there I'll be blowed if I can find it.  As well, in this set-up, what is the size of the pics to go in the rolling 'About' allocated area, as the the 4 I have in there are being cut off top and/or bottom and they are losing their punch message because of it.  Similarly, what size do the pictures need to be for the 'Gallery' page - I haven't even tackled this one feeling it to be no use if they are going to be unsuccessful in the doing.  Please do answer all of these queries for me as I am at a stage where I cannot go forward for the inability to do so.  It's just so frustrating, that's what the whole episode has been to me.  Thanks anyway, for what you are going to do for me to relieve this suffering

       Kay Byrnes

    • Michal

      Replied by Michal June 8, 2013

      Hi Kay, 


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      I am sorry you weren't answered in a timely fashion. 


      As for your queries -- 

      1. I am not sure what you mean by pages becoming uneditable after you save and publish. You're supposed to be able to access your editor and edit your site without activating anything first. Please let us know exactly what happens when you try to edit your site and point us to the pages and elements that aren't responsive, so we can look into this. For your Flash site (Puppy Nannies), please click the 'Go to Editor' link at the bottom of the WixExpress menu:


      2. For your Flash site, you can find the Undo button on the toolbar at the top of your editor:


      You can find the Undo button for your HTML5 site here:


      3.The gallery on your About page works fine on my end -- please elaborate on what you are result you are looking for. Generally speaking, you should upload the images to your site the size you would like them to display in Expand mode. 


      To ensure that you maintain the quality of your photos and decrease loading time to a minimum when uploading to Wix, please follow the guidelines  here



      Michal - Wix Team
  • achievement125

    Replied by achievement125 April 6, 2013

    Question.  Apple users can't view my flash site.  If I convert to HTML 5, will they be able to?  How long does the conversion take?  Will I lose my original site data?

    • Danna Wix Team

      Replied by Danna April 6, 2013



      That's right! HTML5 is indeed compatible with mobile devices!


      The conversion should take up to 24 hours, but bare in mind that some manual changes may still be required. 

      You'll find all the information regarding the Flash-to-HTML5 conversion in this thread.


      You will not lose you original date, as the new site does not replace the existing one, it will simply be added to your account in addition. You may always choose to go back to the original copy.


      Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again!


      Danna- Wix Team
  • Nicole Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Nicole Wix Team January 31, 2013

    Hi cmscruggs,

    I manages to open templates both from "My Account" and the "Create" section.

    What Internet Explorer version are you using? Did you try with another browser/computer?

    Thanks, Nicole,
  • cmscruggs

    Replied by cmscruggs January 30, 2013

    when I click on edit this site I get stuck on downloading

  • cmscruggs

    Replied by cmscruggs January 30, 2013

    when I click on edit this site button, I get stuck in loading

  • Nicole Wix Team Wix Team

    Replied by Nicole Wix Team January 9, 2013

    Good to hear :)


    Thanks, Nicole,

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