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wix Wix Team

Yes, Wix will continue to fully support Flash!
You will be able to modify your existing Flash website or create a new one just like before.

To check out the Wix HTML5 editor simply click on the "Templates" tab and choose one of the templates.

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  • pusatburak216

    Replied by pusatburak216 February 18, 2014


    • Leah Wix Team

      Replied by Leah February 18, 2014



      Please let us know how we could assist you further.

      Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • bobspencer4hire

    Replied by bobspencer4hire September 21, 2013

    This is INSANE! I HATE that we can only edit our sites in this stupid HTML5 editor!!!!!!!!! You can't do ANYTHING!  This may well be a deal breaker for me.  I am not "rebuilding" both of my sites!! Where is the file manager for dealing with your uploaded files? This SUCKS!!

    • Elia Wix Team

      Replied by Elia September 21, 2013

      Unfortunately, we do not offer a file manager styled file management program.

      We do however offer similar functionality for organizing images:

      An answer to this topic can be found in Better Image Organization

      Elia - Wix Support
  • ki6683

    Replied by ki6683 July 20, 2013

    I agree with the above comments... miss the flash...with HTML5 I don't feel there are very many options to make a website, and that I'm not getting more for my money. Now I'm don't see much need for a "Premium" package.   Is there any way to convert the site I made from HTML5 BACK to a flash?

    • Danna Wix Team

      Replied by Danna July 20, 2013

      I'm afraid it isn't possible to automatically convert your site back to Flash. However, you can redo it manually.

      Our Flash templates are still available and can now find them in  this link .


      Danna- Wix Team
  • chrismbscacom

    Replied by chrismbscacom July 3, 2013

    Flash gone totaly now?

    Have you left flash? Thats what was so good ...Now all cool gadgets are gone. I dont want html...I still want flash....

    • HIRO Wix Team

      Replied by HIRO July 3, 2013

      Though our main focus will be gearing toward HTML5, we still support Flash Editor as well.
      You can also convert your Flash site to HTML site.
      To learn how to do it, please refer to the Best Reply on THIS THREAD.
      Thank you.

      -HIRO, Wix Team

    Replied by WDITTINC April 5, 2013

    I dont see Flash websites anymore, does Wix still do them? I want Flash. 

    • Eileen Wix Team

      Replied by Eileen April 5, 2013

      Hey WDITTINC

      In order to use a Flash template, please go to the "Create" tab -> scroll down and click on "Flash templates" from the footer.


      Wix Team.

      Eileen, Wix Team.
  • ronfree

    Replied by ronfree March 28, 2013

    Is Wix dropping Flash web sites?

    Wix is no longer showing Flash websites on "Wix Of The Day". Does this mean Flash websites are being dropped by Wix?. 

  • Maya Wix Team

    Replied by Maya March 6, 2013

    Hi  leahzotiades,


    Please click here to see all our flash templates :)





    Maya Support-Team Wix
  • leahzotiades

    Replied by leahzotiades March 6, 2013

    Hi, I currently have several website created in Flash which I am very happy with.  Today I have tried to create a new website but to my dismay I found they were only in HTML5, which I detest using and have given up on that new website. I find the options available very limiting and frustrating to use.   How can I continue to create websites using Flash only?


  • Shauna

    Replied by Shauna December 13, 2012

    @cistano, please log in to Wix > then go to this link to find all of our Flash templates:  Flash templates

  • cistano

    Replied by cistano December 13, 2012

    How do I make a website from Flash, I don't see an option for this.

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