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HTML5 is finally here!

You can create your HTML site now by clicking 'Templates' and choosing an HTML template. For more information on how to get started, click here or check out the below video!


We're excited to hear your feedback, simply post in our HTML Forum



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  • Adam E. Wix Team

    Replied by Adam E. September 10, 2012


    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.


    Adam, Wix Support
  • nicksterling

    Replied by nicksterling September 10, 2012

    Thank you, Adam.

  • Adam E. Wix Team

    Replied by Adam E. September 8, 2012

    Wix isn't compatible with IE8 because it doesn't support HTML5 features. For more information on this issue, please read our article here.

    Adam, Wix Support
  • nicksterling

    Replied by nicksterling September 7, 2012

    Yeah, that's what he is asking. I translated it.

  • nicksterling

    Replied by nicksterling September 7, 2012

    I don't do translations very well but I think the gentlemen above me is asking why HTML5 sites aren't fully functional in Internet Explorer. If not, then I'll be the guy to ask that. I have tested my web site in Google Chrome and Firefox and everything looks good, but IE8 (I am running XP on the computers here at work) the top header of the web site loads but nothing else loads. However, when I click on the links in the header, the entire site resumes functionality.


    Is this something on Microsoft's end or is there a specific setting I might have overlooked? Normally, I wouldn't mind, but this is a side-project for my company and my owner wants to make sure all of our potential customers have easy access to the site.

    Thanks in advance for all your help. You guys are the best, hands down.


  • Jonathan Wix Team

    Replied by Jonathan September 6, 2012

    You are welcome, we are doing our best and plan to launch several more features int eh near future as well as tend to some which need some attention.

  • Coolio12

    Replied by Coolio12 September 5, 2012

    Looks like you guys have been really busy bees lately, i haven't been on the wix editor for a few weeks due to work commitments but all the new add-ons look great. I will surely be using a few in the coming weeks. Plus my site is now loading faster i have noticed, once the blog feature is integrated into the html editor my wix life will be complete. thanks wix.


  • Leah Wix Team

    Replied by Leah September 5, 2012

    Hey Nick,


    Performance issues are very important to us at Wix.

    We have recently made many changes that should improve the performance and loading time for your websites.


    If you are still experiencing performance issues with your website, this may be attributed to one of the following factors:


    - The speed of your own connection or an overload at your ISP during peak hours
    - Amount of content on your site or home page
    - Many animations and animated behaviors or effects on your site
    - Very large MP3 files that need to load on your homepage
    - A slower computer (i.e. with a slow processor or low RAM) may load the site slowly, since it cannot process the information quickly enough.


    In order to optimize your site for speed, try to follow these guidelines:

    - Don't use too many animations on your homepage
    - Try to use a uniform font for your site (1-3 fonts)
    - If you decide to use an MP3 on your homepage, try to use a smaller file.
    - If you use many shapes and components in the editor to create a larger image, it would be best if you create this as a single image on your computer and then upload it to Wix.


    If you still experience an unacceptable speed issue and have done everything you can to optimize your site, we would like to request that you please load the site using Webpage Test (an independent 3rd party site that will test the speed).


    If you are not satisfied with the results that you see from the site and it is indeed loading slowly, then please send us the link to the results and the link to your site. We will investigate the results and your site- and if there is indeed an issue on our end, we will do our best to investigate it and fix it as soon as possible.


    Sincerely, Leah Wix Team
  • nicksterling

    Replied by nicksterling September 5, 2012

    Hey guys, long time Wix user and supporter.

    I recently tried my hand at using one of your HTML5 templates to much success. I love the design and layout and my co-workers do, too. However, my boss perused the site and mentioned that it loads a little slow. He bought a domain for it last night and we're intending to upgrade to one of your Premium services to connect the domain and remove the ads, but before we do so, I want to address the speed of the site loading.

    Has this been something other users have experienced with HTML5? It's been a year since I created a flash page, but I do recall them loading almost instantaneously. Or it could very much be because I have a crap-load of linked pages which slows the loading process down. Either way, is there anything I can do to increase the load time of the page and prevent any one or two second gaps when switching between pages?


    I know it's basically a non-issue, but my boss is very precise in how he wants thinks. Plus, some of our customers are a little on the 'needy side', meaning they want something right away and a nanosecond of waiting might result in them complaining.

    Any help, tips or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,

  • Elia Wix Team

    Replied by Elia August 25, 2012


    You can easily update the Meta Tags of Individual Page! To do so:

    1. From the left toolbar, click the Pages icon to open the Page Manager.

    2. Next to your page, click the settings icon.

    3. In the Page Settings window, under SEO Settings, fill in the fields.

    4. Click Done.

    5. Click X to close the Page Manager.

    Your page’s meta tags are updated! Please note that whenever you update your website (and make sure you save your file afterwards) your website needs to be crawled again by the search engine in order for the change to appear in search results.

    Usually it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months for Google to update its database and for your site to be indexed. Finding your site using your relevant keywords may take even more time.

    To learn more about SEO please go here.


    Please note that you cannot directly edit your site's code, since it's auto generated using the Wix Editor.

    Elia - Wix Support

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