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wix Wix Team

You can edit your site, at any time, through the Wix Editor.


To edit your site: Sign in to your Wix account > click My Sites > next to the relevant site, click Manage Site > click Edit Site.

To open or view one of your sites: Sign in to your Wix account > click My Sites > next to the relevant site, click View Site.

Note: If you can't find your site on the My Sites page, it is possible that you may have created more than one account. Please try to remember if you have registered more than once. If you can not remember, please address this issue with support by providing the URLs of your sites and any alternative emails that you might have used so that we can assist you in locating your other accounts.

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  • Tom Wix Team

    Replied by Tom January 8, 2013

    Hi swalt5,


    Perhaps you are following this topic with a different user account that is connected to your email address? Please make sure that you are connected to the Wix account that your email is associated with (the email address to which you are receiving the notifications) and then unfollow.





    Wix Team

  • swalt5

    Replied by swalt5 January 8, 2013

    Trying to unfollow this topic to no avail. I clicked on the yellow icon but I am still getting emails. Thanks
  • pconne6

    Replied by pconne6 January 8, 2013

    Ok, I finally figured what to do...I clicked on edit and a black screen came up and then I went to the top X of the tab and right clicked it and clicked the option reload all tabs and then the page should say do you want to stay on the tab and I clicked NO and then the edit page actually showed up.  I think someone needs to address this problem.   

  • caitlinmc6

    Replied by caitlinmc6 January 8, 2013

    Oh wow never mind thankyou

  • caitlinmc6

    Replied by caitlinmc6 January 8, 2013

    It won't let me go back to the editor.  So how do I get there if my website isn't under my account?

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb January 8, 2013

    To get back to the editor , click on the 'edit' button  :


    Gleb, Wix Support
  • caitlinmc6

    Replied by caitlinmc6 January 8, 2013

    Now I need to edit my site and I can't figure out how to get back into the editor.  The "My Account" Page looks like this.  I've emptied my cache and changed browsers from chrome and still no luck

  • Irene

    Replied by Irene January 8, 2013

    Hi caitlinmc6


    i was able to enter in your published website without any problem as you can see here:


    Please send us a screenshot of what you see exactly.


    Best regards

    Irene - Wix Team
  • caitlinmc6

    Replied by caitlinmc6 January 8, 2013


    I can't edit my website anymore after I've published it.  I'm using the most recent version of chrome and I have also tried accessing it on safari after emptying the cache on both.

    When I click on my account, it only gives me options to upgrade my site to premium. 

    I used to be able to look at my published site, and now when I go to the link it says it isnt published anymore.

    What can I do?

    user: caitlinmc6

    The site is: 

  • Gleb

    Replied by Gleb January 2, 2013

    Hi @bsims2,


    Have you tried using a different browser ?

    Wix supports all major browsers (including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari).


    Gleb, Wix Support

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